Fighting for Freedom, Fighting for Health

The only way to know any of this is to look beyond mainstream media who, after more than four months of ongoing protests across the democratic world, act like it’s not happening.

Over 10,000 members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (approximately one third of their total personnel) have signed an open letter to their commissioner, arguing against vaccine mandation. The full letter is at this link.

Ongoing protests in Switzerland:


Trieste, Italy: vaccine mandate protests


Lin Jinyue designed the Chinese Communist Party’s social credit system, based on Xi Jinping’s Fangkong philosophy. He explains in this 40 second video, why it should be adopted globally. “If you had the social credit system, there would never have been the Yellow Vests, we would have detected that before they acted”.

Things are heated in Victoria, Australia after people have been locked in their homes for months on end with various draconian rules in place. Health care and education workers have been protesting in Melbourne against vaccine passports, in the face of public disapproval.

Lithuania are currently enforcing one of the world’s strictest Covid vaccine passport policies. Sweden, Denmark and Norway abandoned Covid restrictions a month ago and have no mandates. Perhaps democracy is more effective than communism and tyranny, at protecting public health? It looks like many millions of us understand this fact.

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