Save Our Souls

Retired circuit court judge Stuart Lindsay spoke at the Freedom Stand in Adelaide on 16 October 2021. “They’re at their most dangerous now and we must be at our most proactiveWe are a very small minority in a society that’s turned its back on freedom … precipitously it will get much worse … live without fear. Let me tell you it makes all the difference“.

Lawyer Sue Grey spoke to New Zealanders yesterday about vaccine mandates and the right to decline medical interventions. The protections that New Zealanders and other citizens of free nations once assumed are no longer reliable, so it is important to connect with others. At no time does the haka appear more powerful than at an International Freedom Stand fighting to regain democracy and liberty.

Anna de Buisseret , ex-military, ex-Pfizer senior lawyer, spoke about UK and international legal proceedings at Parliament Square in London during the International Freedom Stand on 30 October. Extensive, expert legal analysis has revealed crimes against humanity being committed in the name of a public health emergency. UK common law and international treaties and conventions are being breached.

Below, Canadian writer Mary Dawood Catlin described her experience at a Canadian hospital over the past few weeks. “Hospital workers have always been cruel. But since 2020 their cruelty knows no bounds”.

These are my parents. They have been married for more than 50 years. On the day my mom was diagnosed with cancer and kidney failure, the hospital administration would not allow my father and me to see her. The reason? We are covid-19 unvaccinated. My mother is also covid-19 unvaccinated.

My mother, my father and I are covid-19 NEGATIVE. On the day my mom was diagnosed, the security guard at the hospital who had castigated me 48 hours earlier for not having a QR Code when I brought my dad to the emergency room with heart troubles, made sure to tell the secretary not to allow my father and me to visit my mother. I will never forget the heartless actions of that security guard, nor will I forget his face and his cruel eyes.

On the day we found out about my mom’s cancer, I brought my father back to the emergency room completely distressed. At the hospital checkpoint, there were now four security guards — not one — but four who were there to make sure my covid-negative 83-year-old father did not visit my covid-negative 81-year-old mother who was just told she has cancer. I urgently emailed the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and the Minister of Health in Quebec, Christian Dubé pleading for compassionate measures to allow my two octogenarians who have been inseparable for over 50 years to see each other during this extremely traumatic time. I never received an answer.

Finding out that my mom has cancer is traumatic. The fact that the hospital kept my father and my mother separated for almost two weeks under the guise of “Public Health”, is MONSTROUS.

My parents were finally able to see each other for 20 minutes outside the hospital and in the cold, the night before her surgery. The picture of my parents was taken by my brother. It captures the moment when my parents were seeing each other for the first time after my mom’s diagnosis. My brother spoke with a benevolent worker in the hospital, and he was able to secure a few moments for my parents together, outside.

To show you just how completely arbitrary these covid rules are: On the day my mom was discharged from the hospital, the administration demanded that my covid-unvaccinated self and my covid-unvaccinated father go to the hospital — all the way up to the 9th floor — to pick up my mom’s bags and to wheel my mom out of the hospital. I guess the deadliest virus since the Spanish Flu doesn’t apply when it’s a question of helping your mom leave the hospital with her bags.

How do you reason with a society like this? How do you make it understand the life-saving urgency of not separating a couple who has been together for over half a century? How do you knock some sense into a society who thinks it’s completely normal to separate two people who have been inseparable for more than 50 years? It’s DISGUSTING. It’s APPALLING. It’s HEARTLESS. It’s WRONG. It’s INHUMAN. It’s CRUEL. It’s CALLOUS, and it goes to show how inhumane and monstrous this system truly is.

I have been fighting against this heartless system for almost two years. I have been saying how dangerous covid policy is and that the catastrophic impact will last for decades. I have been talking about the cancers, heart diseases, diabetes and all other non-covid ailments that will go undiagnosed because people are no longer booking routine health check-ups as a direct result of this one-issue system that is obsessed with one single virus. And now this.

As an aside, my father has the immunity of a rock after having practiced medicine for over 50 years in North Africa, England, and Canada. I never once heard him say that he would not treat an unvaccinated patient. My mother also has the immunity of a rock, having been married to a doctor for over 50 years. They’ve been through everything together.

My parents have lived through all the epidemics and pandemics of the past and current centuries. Never once have they witnessed or experienced such an inhuman and tyrannical government and societal response to a virus. They are totally and completely against the highly unscientific, anti-medical, anti-health dictates of covid policy.

Incidentally, my mom’s amazing nurse along with one of her coworkers at the hospital are on the brink of being fired because they are covid-19 unvaccinated after having worked through the entire pandemic. I guess they are heroes until the government decides otherwise. Everybody is expendable. Canada is no longer a country. It is a tyrannical biomedical regime. AND THE FIGHT CONTINUES.

Jonathan Engler is a medical doctor and lawyer in the UK working to improving people’s understanding of the Covid-19 pandemic response. He shared the below on Twitter yesterday.

I have been asked to explain, in a nutshell, why I and my fellow travelers appear to be less worried about the virus than the vaccine, when for everyone else it is the other way around. Here is the simplest explanation I can think of.

Basically, quite early on in the pandemic, we noticed that only a small proportion of those exposed got ill. Take the Diamond Princess cruise ship for example. Only 20% developed any symptoms despite the elderly complement on board.

In healthy people under a certain age, there appears to be very little chance of significant illness. The body seems to fight off the virus without incident in nearly all cases.

This is obvious from our medical training. That is to say that the first line of defense to a respiratory virus actually resides in the respiratory tract mucosa.

Moreover, we remembered that the immune system is highly evolved, and highly complex. Upon presentation of a virus, it chops it up into lots of small pieces, and creates memory against each, so that it can react in the future to related viruses.

Hence, the low rate of illness amongst the “immune competent” was not surprising, given the similarities between SARS-CoV-2 and other Coronaviruses, four of which are in endemic circulation.

We also understood, from papers published after the SARS1 outbreak, that it seemed highly likely that it was spike protein in the bloodstream which was associated with severe symptoms.

All the early studies in this pandemic seemed to point at the same mechanism, that is to say that it is the spike protein which causes the severe symptoms.

Quite simply therefore, it seems more desirable to let the mucosal defenses do their job, and prevent spike protein from being created in the bloodstream at all, than to allow a substance to be injected which will, in many cases, cause spike protein to be created.

This point cannot be emphasized enough: a key aspect of the assurance of the safety of these products was that the mRNA would be degraded at the injection site.

It seems clear now from biodistribution studies that mRNA is not localized to the injection site, but gets distributed to many organs. Hence, spike protein is created everywhere. This has been confirmed in studies of healthcare workers after vaccination.

So in summary, we don’t really like the idea of bypassing our first line of defence, and risking going straight to a state associated with severe disease.

This is even more the case upon realization that natural exposure would likely lead to sterilizing immunity, certainly against severe disease, including from variants, whereas the scope and duration of any benefit from vaccination appears to be rather limited.

Finally, at a population level, it seems risky to interfere with the usual and expected evolution of a novel virus to milder forms by the vaccination of huge numbers of people with leaky vaccines. And I haven’t even mentioned unknown longer-term side effects…

Finally (2) we have become increasingly aware that the risks of developing severe disease can be further minimized by several safe early treatment options, information about which unfortunately appears to have been deliberately and systematically censored across most MSM.

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