What Mao Did

How did he do it? Is it relevant today? Fauci’s Red Guards: Michael Senger Once upon a time public health protection involved people trained in public health protection making recommendations such as staying home when sick because symptoms such as coughing and runny noses are how respiratory viruses transmit; and ways to best protect the … More What Mao Did

Force Awareness

I spoke to a police officer yesterday. She expects to be stood down from her job on Monday, prior to being dismissed. She said that New Zealand will lose approximately 500 officers to the vaccine mandate. She expressed her thoughts on the agenda behind these mandates which she and many of her colleagues refuse to … More Force Awareness

As If By Magic

In 1972 a common cold outbreak, probably caused by a Coronavirus, occurred in the Antarctic amongst a group of people who had been isolated without external contact for seventeen weeks. The most obvious explanation was reactivation of latent virus. In December 2021, despite “following all the rulz”, a Coronavirus outbreak (this time, probably the infamous … More As If By Magic

Criminal Control

Those who have lived under criminal control recognise it and understand it. Speaking to a friend in a third world country overnight, they had this to say about current times. Yes, definitely travel is now too difficult for most. First they need ID Vax, now 3 shots, soon more. Second have to deposit money at … More Criminal Control

Save Our Souls

Retired circuit court judge Stuart Lindsay spoke at the Freedom Stand in Adelaide on 16 October 2021. “They’re at their most dangerous now and we must be at our most proactive … We are a very small minority in a society that’s turned its back on freedom … precipitously it will get much worse … … More Save Our Souls

Good Actors, Bad Actors

The Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons put out a statement on April 30 2021, effectively forbidding doctors to speak out or question government policies, or risk being investigated by the College and potentially losing their licence: The College is aware and concerned about the increase of misinformation circulating on social media and other platforms … More Good Actors, Bad Actors

Giants and Midgets

Last week Dr Ryan Cole was interviewed by Steve Deace on his video podcast (25 minutes). Dr Cole is a board certified pathologist who trained at the Mayo Clinic. Anatomic and clinical pathology are his board certifications and he has a subspecialty in dermato-pathology. He did some PhD work in immunology. He runs the largest … More Giants and Midgets

Anti-Public Health

Some vaccines can cause Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The biggest window for risk is when the vaccine titres are dropping. So we may have enhanced disease and enhanced replication starting at around 5 to 6 months after receiving the shots. There is emerging information in the Israeli database suggesting that might be the case. Then we … More Anti-Public Health

Poverty For Health

Making people poor increases poverty which reduces the range of opportunities required for healthy living. We have to stop agreeing to increased impoverishment as an excuse to control a virus. Each and every one of the social determinants of health is being eroded by lockdown interventions. When we lose our land, business and income our … More Poverty For Health