Iniquity and Ignorance

Swiss Cardiologist Dr Thomas Binder speaks here with Gemma O’Doherty, about his experience trying to address the corrupt Covid-19 pandemic response, including a very unusual arrest and forced psychiatric interventions.

Jessica Rose, viral immunologist, spoke here with Gal Shalev, about her concerns regarding the mRNA vaccines. “It’s not something that should have been rushed. It should have had years and years and years of data collected. Pharmacokinetic studies. Pharmacodynamic studies. Animal studies … The data doesn’t look good so far … There are clear signs of an immune deficiency syndrome coming about as a result of these products … the ever-presence, if you keep injecting yourself, of a cytotoxic protein in the first place. I would never – ever – recommend it for someone who is immune compromised or if you have an auto immune disease … I can also guarantee you, that your condition is going to get worse … Cancers coming out of remission … This has never ever happened before with any other condition … This is very very concerningThere is something going on here that warrants investigation, and it doesn’t look good …

In 1918 New Zealand set up inhalation chambers filled with zinc sulfate. In order to travel by train, people had to present papers proving that they had been treated.The public were lied to and encouraged to attend these chambers and inhale a zinc sulfate mist, a process that was said to disinfect the lungs and throat and protect against infection. In reality, the inhalation of zinc sulfate caused damage to the lungs and throat.

In what looks more like a cowshed than a medical facility (it was actually a bicycle shed), Christchurch citizens line up in an inhalation chamber for a dose of zinc sulphate. Like many supposed cures for the flu, it probably did more harm than good. From NZ History, Inhalation chamber during the 1918 influenza pandemic.

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