Imagining Evil

A feature of humanity seems to be that those with good or neutral intent cannot easily imagine there are those with ill intent. Why else did millions board trains and comply with instructions all of the way into the gas chambers of Nazi Germany? Or the entire city of Phnom Penh evacuate to the countryside … More Imagining Evil

United We Stand

Aired on 24 March, The Highwire Episode 260: Winners, Sinners and the Death of a Generation, would have to be some of the highest quality journalism available today. It is almost three hours long but segments are available to view separately. Del Bigtree, himself a medical journalist for 20+ years, covers: Review of the US … More United We Stand

Fighting Felons

In this open letter and request for meeting to the NZ Police Commissioner, from NZ Lawyers Speaking Out With Science, the following statement is of relevance to us all. “We understand that it’s difficult to believe the images are real, and you may experience cognitive dissonance (the mind rejects new information that would force it … More Fighting Felons

Document Dumps

Pfizer and the US FDA initially tried to conceal their vaccine clinical trial data. As described in this article by Dr Michael Nevradakis, legal proceedings led to a court ruling that documents must be released on an ordered schedule. Regular document dumps are being made available on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency … More Document Dumps

Iniquity and Ignorance

Swiss Cardiologist Dr Thomas Binder speaks here with Gemma O’Doherty, about his experience trying to address the corrupt Covid-19 pandemic response, including a very unusual arrest and forced psychiatric interventions. Jessica Rose, viral immunologist, spoke here with Gal Shalev, about her concerns regarding the mRNA vaccines. “It’s not something that should have been rushed. It … More Iniquity and Ignorance

The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

“The reason why I started writing papers and making videos, was because I saw something alarming… People need to stop denying there’s something bad going on. There’s something bad going on.“ Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist, speaks here about safety monitoring and the data she has analysed on the Covid products. The link also leads to … More The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

Transmissions of Crime

Someone I know started listening to Dr Reiner Fuellmich recently but stopped when he proved himself a “bad person” by claiming that you would need 4 hours of contact with someone in order to become infected with SARS-CoV-2. Apparently a virus “this infectious” can be transmitted far easier than that, and Fuellmich – who has … More Transmissions of Crime