Todays Swiss Signal

Dear Media, Dear Viewers

I studied Medicine at the University of Zurich, received my Doctorate in Immunology and Virology, specialised in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, and have 33 years of experience in diagnosis and therapy of acute respiratory infections in the hospital, in the Intensive Care Unit, and for 23 years in my medical practice.

In February 2020 I sat in my office and marveled as what I had learned in medical school, scientific training and hands-on medical practice was turned on its head.

Dr Thomas Binder speaking at a Doctors 4 Covid Ethics media conference on 12 November. His full 20 minute speech is available at this link.

Sitting with him, Robert F Kennedy Jr and Catherine Austin-Fitts spoke, about medical corruption and the global coup d’etat against liberal democracy, via imposition of pandemic lockdowns, suppression of free speech, and so-called “vaccine” passports. Catherine Austin-Fitts, who has spent a lifetime exposing corruption in the federal banking system, spoke about the involvement of central banks in this coup d’etat and their ultimate aim.

Because Switzerland is not part of the European Union they have a right to vote in a referendum on November 28, on a national vaccine passport law. What happens on Sunday 28 November in Switzerland will be a signal to the world, as to whether the most educated and intelligent populations of the world can see through the ruse of the plague laws, into what is really happening, and step up to protect our rights and the future of human civilisation. We need them to vote NO.

Vaccine passports are part of a financial transaction control grid that will absolutely end human liberty in the WestWe are ultimately talking about all of our liberties, all of our human rights, all of our property rights. ~ Catherine Austin-Fitts

Others are speaking out to warn us about these plans to impose a central bank digital currency, giving complete control of every aspect of our finances to the central banks, linked to social credit systems. Other credible interviews include Irish financial investor, Melissa Ciummei; American economist, financial analyst and author, Patrick Wood; British investigative journalist Ian Davis; German author Ernst Wolff, as well as many others I have referenced in previous blogs such as American investigative journalist Whitney Webb.

When freedoms are eroded away, empires collapse, and this is why I have hope that they will not succeed. But do not let your children participate in this passport system. Know that if you do … you are leading them into a social credit system and slavery … We are running out of time and we need to stand up. All we have to do is say no. The solution to this is mass non-compliance. ~ Melissa Ciummei

Meanwhile across the world, people who are forbidden to speak out, continue to find ways. Hundreds of thousands protested across Australia again yesterday, with barely a mention in mainstream media. Frontline workers continue to provide verified, publicly anonymous reports via Frontline Workers Speak Out. The movement grows daily as more of us start to wake up. What is happening is not about health.

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