On Slavery

In his journey from captive slave to internationally renowned activist, Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) has been a source of inspiration and hope for millions. His brilliant words and brave actions continue to shape the ways that we think about race, democracy, and the meaning of freedom.

I now live in a country where qualified doctors who speak against official government edicts on medical issues are silenced, their characters publicly assassinated, their right to earn a living destroyed. The disabled patient of one of these doctors told me yesterday that she’s waiting for him to be reinstated because she has been unable to find another doctor who understands her unique medical issues which include disability and psychological trauma. She is now unable to access services which have separated her from the main entry point to the clinic and there is no disabled access for the so-called “unvaccinated”. She told me “I feel as though I am being abused all over again“. So this is how you third-world-ise a once modern democracy?

Advice from another doctor, British Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra: “When you don’t stand up for yourself and speak the truth you don’t just damage your own soul, you harm your children’s future. Don’t underestimate the power of your speech. Yes, it’s not safe to speak but it’s even less safe to stay silent whilst the world around you is burning“.

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