One Truth and Other Truths

The first sign that something was very wrong in the Covid-19 response was the aggressive silencing of public health experts. In early 2020 John Ioannidis, one of the world’s most eminent Infectious Disease Epidemiologists, was censored, character assassinated, and his elderly mother threatened, after Ioannidis published a study on the infection fatality rate of Covid-19. The IFR was nowhere near as horrific as the media were claiming, and continue now to at least imply, if not claim. Some brief months later, Ioannidis’ findings were published by the World Health Organisation without publicity. Advertising this information might have alerted us all to the reality of this influenza like illness and diminished our levels of fear.

Government and corporate agents are the only ones entitled to speak today. The media ensure One Truth is shared to all. Whether by design or accident, reports are inconsistent but they allege that vaccine uptake rates in western nations are high. When “vaccines” are a religion that cannot be questioned and you have never heard of Marek’s Chickens, Dengvaxia or ADE, then it’s easy to believe that the growing number of problems occurring since the vaccine rollout are the “fault” of the reportedly diminishing number of “unvaccinated”. Blame is a phenomenon that old-style public health worked hard against given the known harms it causes, stigmatising and marginalising whole sections of society. New-style public health is now a very different beast, with blame encouraged and promoted.

One of the most informed public figures, therefore easily and eagerly dismissed as a conspiracy theorist and of course, an “anti-vaxxer”, is Robert F Kennedy Jr. In this five minute video he explains the phenomenon of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement).

The government has been trying for almost 30 years to develop a coronavirus vaccine and it’s been unsuccessful. Beginning in 2002, there were 3 outbreaks of coronavirus, we called them SARS and MERS … So <governments> all got together and put millions of dollars into an effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine … four vaccines were really promising. They gave <the 4 trial vaccines> to ferrets, which are the animal most analagous to human beings when it comes to upper lung respiratory infections. The ferrets had a robust and durable antibody response. But then something horrible happened. When those ferrets were challenged by exposure to the wild virus, they got horribly sick, with inflammation throughout their bodies, and they died.

Scientists remembered that something very similar had happened in the 1960s when they developed a vaccine for RSV, which is very similar to coronavirus … They had skipped the animals and given them directly to 35 children, who again developed a very robust antibody response. But when those children were exposed to the wild virus, they got very very sick. Much sicker than unvaccinated children. And two of them died. It was a scandal.

<This was> called enhanced immune response, or pathogenic priming. When you get vaccinated it appears that you have an antibody response, but when you actually encounter the wild virus, it creates a pathway <in which> the virus hurts you a lot more than with unvaccinated people.

In 2014 a similar scandal took place with a Dengue vaccine which showed some signs of pathogenic priming in the clinical trials. They ignored the signs and hundreds of thousands of children in the Phillippines were given this vaccine. When Dengue came around, those children became horribly sick and 600 of them died. Today in the Phillippines, people are being criminally prosecuted for that.

So the danger with coronavirus vaccines is that you really need to test them on animals first. To make sure that this really great immune response, followed by lethal infections, does not occur. It is very strange, and seems almost criminally reckless, that Anthony Fauci is allowing these companies to skip animal trials and go directly to human trials“.

Separate to Antibody Dependent Enhancement is the vaccine-related phenomenon known as “Marek’s Chickens”. Marek’s Disease is a deadly viral infection in chickens which causes horrible suffering to the animals and enormous financial loss to the poultry industry worldwide. A vaccine can protect chickens against the symptoms of Marek’s Disease. Simultaneously, vaccinated chickens have been found to shed 10,000 times more virus than unvaccinated chickens, making them extremely infectious. This is known as a “leaky vaccine”. “The virus spread to sentinel birds nine days faster if it came from a vaccinated chicken versus an unvaccinated one. In addition, sentinels died faster when exposed to vaccinated chickens versus unvaccinated chickens“. The phenomenon is explained in this article.

More and more whistleblowers are speaking out about the vaccine injuries that they are seeing. An Australian doctor working in an emergency department released this six minute video to alert the public of his concerns. “I am increasingly perplexed at the continued government backing of a medical intervention marred by serious complications in the young, when there are zero benefits this treatment offers them“.

Vaccinologists, immunologists, virologists, microbiologists and other experts who dare to speak about these complex phenomena are today slurred as anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists. Yet these Other Truths are stories of the scientific method, a process of trial, error and discovery. They are stories of human experience. They are stories of resistance and courage against powerful governmental and corporate corruption. And they are stories which stand firmly on the right side of history.

One thought on “One Truth and Other Truths

  1. The trick is to “get rid of” some of the experts right off at the start, all the others will fear the reaper and “toe the line”.
    But even so – two years in, sometimes, some have to be eliminated to refresh the kowtowing serfs.


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