Population Immunity

This became a dirty term almost 2 years ago, much to the confusion of infectious disease epidemiologists trying to advise, against what is now realised as a paid-up and scripted cartel of astroturfers. Now we have vaccines which offer no population immunity either (see the changing rhetoric in this revealing medley). Multiple places experienced no or minimal Covid concerns until vaccination began.

Vaccines which suppress T Cell immunity, reactivating latent viruses, may have activated latent Coronavirus in populations with underlying immunity. There is a well supported theory that large parts of the world, especially areas where Coronaviruses are common in animal reservoirs (eg bats in Asia), had already experienced Covid or a very close relative (ie a variant: those things we’re supposed to be cowering in fear from now). As per WHO initial advice, it must have appeared as a mild to moderate influenza-like-illness, such that no anomaly of great concern was noticed beyond the odd uptick in influenza numbers, such as in New Zealand and Western Australia in 2019.

Other possible concerns include Antibody Dependent Enhancement of disease (ADE) in which the presence of non-neutralising antibodies (induced by a low quality vaccine) assist the virus into, rather than blocking it from, the cells in which it causes illness. And Marek’s phenomenon, in which chickens vaccinated against the disease, whilst protected from symptoms, also become “super spreaders” with excessively high viral loads.

Then there is the issue of harmful “solutions” being imposed and sold as our only hope.

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