The Harm of Nonsense

“Early on we had people like Bill Gates … saying “the world won’t return to normal until pretty much everyone’s been vaccinated” … the most stupid nonsense I’ve ever heard. Vaccines have never been used to extinguish a pandemic in human history. So this would be novel. Next, you only vaccinate people who are themselves … More The Harm of Nonsense

Population Immunity

This became a dirty term almost 2 years ago, much to the confusion of infectious disease epidemiologists trying to advise, against what is now realised as a paid-up and scripted cartel of astroturfers. Now we have vaccines which offer no population immunity either (see the changing rhetoric in this revealing medley). Multiple places experienced no … More Population Immunity

One Truth and Other Truths

The first sign that something was very wrong in the Covid-19 response was the aggressive silencing of public health experts. In early 2020 John Ioannidis, one of the world’s most eminent Infectious Disease Epidemiologists, was censored, character assassinated, and his elderly mother threatened, after Ioannidis published a study on the infection fatality rate of Covid-19. … More One Truth and Other Truths