Battleground Melbourne

Liberal Democracies can do public health.

They are best at it in fact, because “public health” and “democracy” are a compatible team. Up to date, research-based, transparent and accountable practice, constantly reviewed, debated and discussed, protects the vulnerable against specific diseases whilst simultaneously protecting the pillars which uphold health and wellbeing across society.

Yet somehow the world is now convinced that imposing totalitarian rule, crushing dissent and dismantling society “saves lives”. Despite mountains of evidence, historic and current, to the contrary.

The story of ordinary Melbournites as they experienced the aggressive imposition of “New World Order” demonstrates absurd cruelties which had nothing to do with public health, much to do with public harm.

So this is the seven-time world’s most livable city in 2020. No work, no school, no family, friends, sport, church. You’re still not allowed to see “the science”. And you definitely can’t protest“.

You could almost think the population had underlying immunity and a physical intervention had reactivated latent virus? But no, they probably just all stopped being obedient at the same time…

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