Force Awareness

I spoke to a police officer yesterday. She expects to be stood down from her job on Monday, prior to being dismissed. She said that New Zealand will lose approximately 500 officers to the vaccine mandate. She expressed her thoughts on the agenda behind these mandates which she and many of her colleagues refuse to comply with, and many others have been coerced into so as to preserve their economic stability.

She stated that her colleague’s relative in Sydney had reported the death of a very young child two hours after receiving Pfizer two days ago. There is nothing on Google about this but information is being shared (and quickly deleted) on social media sites and YouTube. She stated “those of us who are being stood down think it’s a good time to leave anyway, because noone wants to attend jobs like that“.

In Queensland Australia, Senior Constable John Thompson, stood down due to a mandate last month, made this brief call to Australians. He reports that the only police officers working now are “fully vaccinated”, yet many are being sent home to isolate due to contact with Covid “cases”, or due to “testing positive”. Watch Houses are closing and staff are being told to avoid arresting people where possible. These instructions stem from protocols using a test which detects fragment of virus in a person’s upper airway. The pandemic narrative leading to this chaos has relied on the false belief that this test is diagnostic. This is false information spread with hysteria by an unquestioning and/or compromised media with zero critical analysis.

Ex-NSW police officer Roland Chrystal who resigned so that he could speak out, asks in this short plea to Australian parents, “what will be your ticket price into the theatre of awareness?” He confirms rumours heard via the New Zealand police force, of young children dying after Covid-19 vaccination, one in Victoria and one in New South Wales in the first few days of the rollout to children aged 5-11yo. A seven year old girl has been identified across social media but so far there are no reliable sources that make me confident enough to share more.

In a recent email from Australia a friend reported a family member working in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit claiming that “it’s crowded with babies whose mothers had Covid vaccine during pregnancy“. She has other family who informed her via a Google search, that Dr Malone and Dr McCullough are “failed and disgruntled scientists”. Which of course must be true if Google says so? This three minute video gives a brief synopsis of the Trusted News Initiative, and their role in “protecting us”.

Dr Michael Yeadon and Professor Mattias Desmet spoke to Jeremy Nell yesterday in a discussion about human nature and the greatest threat to humankind: ourselves. “You have intelligence and then you have education. The higher the level of education, usually the more vulnerable people are, for mass formation … Mass formation and totalitarianism are very much related to each other … What is really dangerous, is being silent …<Especially> if it is a worldwide system as we are confronted with now … At the moment there is no dissonant voice anymore. Opposition is silenced … that’s the moment when the system becomes radically cruel, in an absurd way. Nobody can predict what will happen and nobody can predict who will become the next victim … It is much more dangerous to be silent … “. ~ Professor Mattias Desmet, Statistician and Professor of Psychology

From The Journal of Clinical Investigation, Dec 1 2005

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