Safe And Effective

In 2021 New Zealand experienced 2,000 excess deaths. But there have only been 53 Covid deaths in 2 years because of the superb public health response? So how could this have happened? Do excess deaths matter if they weren’t certified as Covid-19?

Grant Dixon on All-Cause Mortality in New Zealand, 2021

Thank goodness New Zealanders are being “kept safe”… and effective.

Attorney Thomas Renz spoke to the Covid-19: Second Opinion scientific debate in Washington on 24 January about findings from US Department of Defence whistleblowers. DoD personnel have seen a 300% increase in miscarriages; 300% increase in cancers; 1000% increase in neurological conditions, since their vaccine rollout.

English footballer Matt Le Tissier spoke to Oracle Films about the many questions he has had around the narrative being fed to, lies being told, and ludicrous rules being imposed upon, the public. He stopped following mainstream propaganda in around May 2020. “Vaccine passports don’t work [as public health], they are a surveillance tool, a step along the way to a social credit system. Full government control. Push back as fast and as hard as you can … I would ask for anyone who knows something isn’t quite right, to be peacefully civilly disobedient … If you do label people <conspiracy theorists>, then you’re being incredibly lazy. Facts are staring you in the face and you can’t be bothered looking at them …” .

Lawyer Clare Wills-Harrison, who identified the Midazolam scandal in the UK, is fighting against the UK government Human Rights Act reform. This reform appears as a preparation for the social credit system rollout, already partly in place via vaccine passports which many feel comfortable with and are using in order to go about daily life. Here’s what she most recently had to say about the reason that people should not accept these changes.

Let’s take the proposed human rights reforms down to a basic level of what rights of YOURS can be stripped by an untouchable govt doing it “for the greater good”. I’m not saying this will happen but people need to be aware of the breadth of application of the group think “greater good” and how it could affect them as an individual.

Under the proposed human rights reforms consider the basic things such as:

  • Do you think the government should dictate what house you live in – make you move to a smaller house if you live alone or your kids have left home
  • Do you think the government should be able to force you to have an electric car
  • Do you think the government should be able to force you to use public transport and not have a car at all
  • How would you feel if the government told you you had to become vegan
  • How would you feel if the government said you have to wear a FitBit 24 hours a day
  • Would you accept the government telling you how much alcohol you can have each week
  • Would you allow the government to take away your pets
  • Would you consider it acceptable to have to apply to the government for permission to have a child

When you consider what the greater good is, for them, not you, its not inconceivable that any or all of the above could happen, along with a loss of body autonomy and other precious liberties.

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