Big Hearts, Big Dreams, Big Conflicts

Dr Robert Malone, inventor of the original patented technology, presented on the mechanisms of mRNA vaccines at the World Council for Health weekly meeting on 31 January 2022. “A man with a great mind, deep scientific knowledge and an open heart“.

He acknowledges the World Council for Health as having “big dreams for supplanting some other non governmental organisations that have become dysfunctional“. He also introduces The Unity Project, a California-based collaboration aiming to defeat the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for school children.

The scientific and medical advisors with both of these associations, leaders in their fields, report experiencing censorship, intimidation and professional reprisal. Their response has been emerging alliances of international teams such as Panda, HART, FLCCC, International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists, and multiple others involving many thousands of physicians, scientists and public health practitioners.

Anyone still putting their trust in Google will find “anti-vaccine”, “Covid deniers”, “fringe doctors” and other highly false, derogatory descriptions for most of these collaborations and their members. Yet they continue to expand and flourish, promoting and debating evidence in the spirit of authentic public health, regardless of pharma interests and threats.

Google auto suggestions are …
Unlimited Hangout, December 2020 article by Jeremy Loffredo and Whitney Webb
Developers of Oxford-AstraZeneca Vaccine Tied to UK Eugenics Movement

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