Who Are The Actual Extremists?

Letter to Andrew Hill from Dr Tess Lawrie. This 18 minute documentary outlines the shared story of two researchers. Both give a sense of being credible in so much as, what you see is who they are. One, extraordinarily courageous and ethical. The other, deeply compromised.

Dr Guy Hatchard in New Zealand continues to speak truth to power. His latest article, Guilty Parties Often Accuse the Innocent in Order to Evade Justice, covers the issue of right wing extremism. Even I, a left leaning bleeding heart do-gooder, am a right wing extremist now. Because I stand to the right of Karl himself.

Meet Ida Auken, a Danish parliamentarian and member of the World Economic Forum. Her ideas are not right wing, and I’m sure they’re approved, accredited and trusted. Like this Sky News host, I consider them of concern.

In this brief interview, political researcher and historian Robert Graziani describes the various agendas being implemented.

Authentic Media produced an 18 minute documentary, The Real Camp Freedom, Wellington New Zealand, & The Police Violence That Shut It Down. New Zealand’s Speaker of the House Trevor Mallard has referred to protesters as “ferals”. Reminiscent of language used by people with access to media influence in places like 1930s Germany and 1990s Rwanda. Perhaps the Speaker has not read history.

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