Epic Fail

The point of public health interventions is to improve quality of life, and to save lives.

Masks prevent wearers from seeing down, including a view of their own body and the floor periphery. An estimated 600,000 people per year die from falls and mask use is now a contributing factor, particularly for the elderly.

Speech delays in young children have increased exponentially due to mask wearing. Children learn to communicate by watching facial expressions, observing and hearing mouth and tongue placements for different sounds, and through mimicry of what they are seeing and hearing. There are reports that fearful therapists are refusing to see children for speech intervention unless both child and therapist remain masked!

Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific and Damaging, an article by epidemiologist and evidence based medicine expert Dr Paul Alexander.

Many teenagers now report using masks to help them deal with confidence issues by covering their face.

Last night I counted three women all wearing face masks, exiting a public toilet. A sticky glue of toilet plume right across the airways. A literal “face nappy”.

The harms from masking are enormous and these are only a few of them.

Florida’s Surgeon General and America’s Frontline Doctor, Joseph Ladapo has this brief advice for those who still believe masks have benefit.

We are seeing reports of people having an illness for a short period, and then sudden deaths … reported in Australia and elsewhere around the world“.

Two Australian cricket legends in a single week.

So if “public health 101” remains true:

Then why would globalist leaders be doing this?

Unless they were people who we maybe should not trust?

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