An Authentic Alternative

Dr Tess Lawrie, co-founder of World Council for Health, restores a person’s faith in humanity. An MD and PhD, she is an expert in evidence-based medicine. She has been a top-level advisor to World Health Organisation for many years via her own Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd.

Under extreme circumstances she remains calm, reasonable and level headed. Her recent interview with James Wells describes her journey through the pandemic, making sense of the insensible and finding solutions for so much seemingly insurmountable corruption.

Her Letter to Dr Andrew Hill was transformed by Oracle into an 18 minute documentary. It outlines the historical background of the aggressive suppression of Ivermectin as an early treatment for Covid-19, which she has advocated for based on the accumulation of evidence. This combines with an accumulation of evidence that safe and cheap treatments will not be tolerated by those self-appointed to “save humanity” via mercenary profiteering.

The World Council for Health Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty is an important record of current events and intents. “World Council for Health are basically volunteer doctors, scientists, experts, lawyers around the world and we are very concerned about what the WHO is doing. They’re trying to pass this pandemic treaty that will give them extraordinary powers over every government around the world in the next pandemic. So we really need people to pay attention. We urge people to approach their government representatives, their civil society groups, and actually campaign to stop this pandemic treaty from being approved. Because once that’s approved, the next pandemic the WHO decides to declare, and they can change the definition of pandemic anytime they like it seems, well then the WHO is in charge“.

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