Glimpsing Hope

English author and radio host Maajid Nawaz spent three hours on the Joe Rogan Experience in January, a highly intelligent conversation on many topics.

In this ten minute clip from the full interview, he offers a glimpse of light into something which, for me, has appeared very dark for two years. An intelligent analysis of the plans for a centralised digital currency and what the consequences would mean for all of us.

In this two minute clip he explains the links between Klaus Schwab (who has a Nazi family background, relevance below) and The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”, with centralised currency plans.

In a separate interview, he describes in this two minutes, the growth of Fascism during Covid-19.

Lastly, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, Nawaz describes why “standing with Ukraine” might be something you don’t want to do. Nazi battalions have an official role within the Ukrainian armed forces and are known to be committing atrocities against their own citizens. This in no way exonerates Russia from crimes they may be committing in the same region but it changes the story we are being fed significantly.

These world events are intimately intertwined (Covid, centralised digital currency, western-funded biological laboratories along the Ukraine-Russia border, Nazism, Fascism, UN/NATO/World Economic Forum…). Dr Robert Malone speaks here for two minutes, on why those of us daring to dissent need to persist in speaking our truth to criminalised power.

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