A Medical Misinformation Mess

Dr. Naomi Wolf:This 42-day study on 44 pregnant rats led them to conclude that there were ‘no effects on female fertility,’ [but the people conducting this study] were employed by and held stock in either Pfizer or BioNTech.

I’m gonna say this again. The doctors who concluded, based on 44 French rats, that the vaccine was safe for pregnant women were employed by Pfizer or owned BioNTech or Pfizer stock.

In this [DOD] database… the rise in congenital malformations increased dramatically, from a baseline rate of 10,906 cases per year in 2021… to 18,951 congenital malformations for [just] part of the year of 2021. For part of the year of 2021, [congenital malformations] nearly doubled in the fetuses of our brave women… who submitted to what our President said they had to do. As the Commander-in-Chief [forced] this experimental vaccine, their babies suffered! Their babies suffered!

Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra is a globally regarded specialist in heart disease and evidence based medicine. He speaks eloquently about our current public health crisis in this interview with GB News presenter, Mark Steyn.

Evidence based medicine is what we should all be adhering to as doctors. There’s an elegant triad that was created by the founding father of the evidence based medicine movement, Dr David Sackett about 25 years ago. It incorporates your individual clinical expertise as a doctor and your clinical intuition; best available evidence; and taking into consideration, patient values and preferences to improve outcomes for patients …

If there’s any distortion of any of those components, you are ultimately going to either give useless treatments to patients, or cause harm. The reality unfortunately is, when you look at best available evidence, it’s been corrupted by vested interests. John Ioannidis, I consider him to be a Steven Hawking like figure in medicine, Professor of Medicine at Stanford. His own analysis a few years ago, of 60,000 published medical studies for therapeutic interventions, revealed only about 7% of them were actually found to be high quality and relevant to patients.

He wrote another paper in which he found that most published findings are false. So what’s going on here? … We have an epidemic of misinformed doctors and misinformed patients, rooted in:

  • biased funding of research. That’s research that’s funded because it’s likely to be profitable, not beneficial for patients;
  • biased reporting in medical journals, where they exaggerate the benefits of the drug and minimise the harms. From what’s come from the drug industry;
  • biased reporting in the media;
  • commercial conflicts of interest;
  • and last but not least, an inability of doctors to understand and communicate health statistics.

When you put that all together you have something called a Medical Misinformation Mess. And then patients are ultimately getting drugs where, if they were fully informed, they would likely choose, in many cases, not to take the drug.

What is the pharmaceutical industry’s track record? Over the last 30 years most of the drugs that have been produced have really been proven to be copies of old ones. They change the molecules here and there, they patent it to make loads of money. By the time someone else figures it out, that there’s a cheaper drug they could have used, they’ve moved on to the next drug.

One analysis in France between 2002-2011, looking at all the drugs that had been produced, found there were twice as many drugs that had proven to be more harmful to patients, than ones that were beneficial. And only 0.2% of the drugs that were produced, there were 900+ drugs over 10 years that were approved by the regulator – only 0.2% – one in 500 – were found to be of actual therapeutic value of significance.

The net result of what pharma have been doing. They keep talking about “innovation” and “blockbusters” and “advances in medical science”. Unfortunately the reality is that the business model of the pharmaceutical industry, in many cases is one of fraud

Most doctors want to do the right thing. But they’re being given information that is biased … Most doctors are not aware that a lot of the research that drives their clinical decision making is poor quality and not reliable … Media reporting influences a lot of doctors’ decisions …

Most people probably aren’t aware that the regulators, whether it’s the FDA or the MHRA (in UK) receive considerable money from the very industry they’re supposed to be regulating. There’s a big conflict of interest there. And that questions their independence … In America they fund campaigns for politicians, considerable amounts of money is given to political interest groups, which influences legislation which means we have less regulation and they’re able to get away with more …

The drug companies shouldn’t be allowed to test their own products and then hide the data from the public and from doctors. That’s ludicrous. It’s nonsense“.

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