Cover Ups and Catastrophes

The doctors themselves say, ‘we were taught nothing. We were taught that vaccines work. They’re safe. They’re effective. If you don’t give them to children, the children will die. So make sure you give them all’. That’s it. They’re not taught what the ingredients are, how they’re made, what the side effects are … Let’s have a public debate. This is [a democracy], it shouldn’t be a sin or a crime to talk about something. They call me anti-vax as a way of discrediting me, marginalising me and shutting me down. I have never said anything to make anybody think I’m anti-vax. I’ve been suing people for 35 years to get mercury out of fish. Nobody calls me anti-fish“. Robert F Kennedy Junior

Reflecting on my own experience, it is very true about doctors, who in hospital settings frequently prescribe the wrong vaccine, or the wrong route, or the wrong dose, or follow the wrong schedule for age or risk group recommendations. As a vaccine provider, and then a teacher of vaccine providers, I believed that I knew a lot about vaccines. I could talk about the disease in question, the mode of action of the vaccine against it, and knew the range of possible side effects. Yet I was never in a position to answer questions from the occasional parent who wanted specific information on actual ingredients, or to have a discussion about why specific vaccine brands were scheduled instead of other specific brands. I did often think during these conversations, that parents with vaccine hesitancy appeared to be reading material which differed from that which I was accessing.

I also recognise now that I often referred to information from biased (government and industry approved) sources. As the most obvious example, I was taught that Dr Andrew Wakefield was a fraudster who made up claims with no true evidence backing them, about an association between the trivalent measles-mumps-rubella vaccine and autism. Last year I learned that Dr Wakefield is an honest and credible researcher whose “fraudulent” research was in fact, never debunked. One leading critic of his work, now infamous for using his infinite resources to destroy the careers and reputations of credible medical and public health experts who speak against his orthodoxy, was Bill Gates. Who has no training in health but whose biggest return on investment has been in the vaccine industry.

Dr Wakefield, other scientists, and parents of harmed children, all feature in VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, a documentary by medical journalist Del Bigtree who hosts The Highwire, one of the best health analysis news shows available. Vaxxed is a comprehensive report looking at the history of vaccine fraud and the resulting harms which children have suffered. It delves into the story of Dr Wakefield and other scientists silenced in the pre-Covid era. Such silencing has since exploded, with many thousands of specialists all speaking out at enormous personal risk.

We have to accept the fact that autism is new. Before 1930, the rate of autism in the world was effectively zero. And then for a long time it was one in 10,000 … Since really, the mid to late 80s, we’ve gone from this low prevalence environment to a rate of <exponential growth> … It is a perfect exponential curve … If things continue as they have over the past 30 years, we can predict that by 2032, 80% of boys will end up on the autism spectrum. Half the children; 80% of the boys.

RFK Junior speaks here about the business model of ensuring lifetime customers. Taken from his 2020 interview on The Mike Tyson podcast, HotBoxin’.

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