Facilitating Freedom

Ursula von der Leyen is the President of the European Commission. Some Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) oppose her policies vehemently. This six minute clip gives background into who she is including some of her connections and conflicts of interest.

One of Mrs von der Leyen’s strongest opponents is Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes. In this two minute clip he describes the steps being taken in Europe towards a social credit system. These same steps, promoted as “facilitation of freedom”, are being implemented across the democratic world.

Here Terhes speaks in a longer interview, from Stockholm in Sweden: “the rights and freedoms of all Europeans are threatened right now … the fact that the European Commission, especially under the leadership of Ursula von der Leyen, is transitioning as we’ve seen already happening, from democracy to tyranny. Or, as I also call it, we are witnessing the Chinafication of Europe“. He goes on to explain the comparison with events in China.

German MEP Christine Anderson is another fighting for the return to basic human rights for all. She spoke at a Covid-19 Inquiry recently. “The massive restriction of fundamental rights … including job losses, discrimination and marginalisation : [a redefinition of rights] seems to be privileges that governments may or may not grant. Massive impairment of entire economic sectors. The dubious role of health politicians and self-proclaimed health experts who – without sufficient facts and evidence – have adopted drastic measures with effects that cannot be demonstrated“.

Meanwhile Bill Gates, whose only credentials are wealth and power, continues to be touted as some kind of health expert. He recently gave a TED Talk in which he references a warlike clip from a Hollywood movie to justify the ongoing monetarised militarisation of public health. The destruction of evidence based practice in favour of profiteering and despotism marches on.

Not without opposition. These scenes took place outside the Vancouver building where he was speaking.

One of the best responses to these distortions in public health is being implemented by the World Council for Health (WCH). They are offering an alternative to the World Health Organisation, now shown to be captured by the pharmaceutical and “philanthropic” industries. WCH membership and collaborations already involve thousands of public health trained and other relevant professionals, all working towards “a healthy new paradigm rooted in freedom, empowerment, education and integrity“.

The first WCH international conference will be held from 20 – 22 May in Bath, England. The public are invited to join in person or virtually. More information is available at Better Way Conference 2022.

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