This Time of Terror

As Renee’s situation describes, those forcibly receiving a dangerous inoculation to keep their job, who are then injured, often become reliant on the same services promoting and administering the injection. They also then face losing the job that they risked their health for in the first place.

I speak to these people, and to grieving family members, daily. As a single point of contact among many others, I have spoken to hundreds, almost all with a story of coercion followed by harm. The level of suffering that once horrified me as I observed it in an impoverished nation, has reached the shores of wealthy nations. These are what is known as “iatrogenic” (caused by a health care intervention) injuries. They are happening en masse.

All-cause mortality is increasing at rates not seen before, since the rollout of these injections. As well as the suffering of individuals and families, society will become impoverished as working age people are removed from the workforce and made reliant on state funding. This is in addition to the economic collapse caused by closing society in the name of disease prevention. This is a time of horror and the horror is silenced aggressively by a controlled media repeatedly claiming “safe and effective” to the masses.

The Nuremberg Code explicitly lays out the ethics of medical practice. How, in modern day society, did we come to a point where none of this is respected anymore?

  1. The subject provides voluntary informed consent.
  2. The experiment must be of benefit to humanity and anticipated results must not be achievable by other means.
  3. Following animal trials and with an understanding of the disease, expected benefits of the trial must outweigh all risks.
  4. All unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury must be avoided.
  5. If there is an a priori reason to believe death or disabling injury will occur, the experiment must not be conducted.
  6. The risk of the experiment must not exceed the degree of risk of the problem it attempts to resolve.
  7. All effort must be made to protect the trial subject from even remote possibilities of injury, disability or death.
  8. Only scientifically qualified persons should conduct the experiment, using the highest degree of skill and care.
  9. Experimental subjects must be free to call a stop to the experiment at any time.
  10. The scientist in charge of the experiment must be prepared to stop at any time when injury, disability or death of the subject appears likely

There are people behind this action. They do not have our health or our best interests at heart. They do intend to impoverish us and for now, they appear to be on the path to success as most continue to comply. Their power comes from our compliance.

It’s happening slowly but people are starting to listen to the doctors, scientists and others who continue to risk everything to speak out against what is happening. There are MANY and I try to share them here, but it’s becoming more difficult as the amount of information – previously almost non-existent (particularly when I still thought Google was a search engine) – is now overwhelming.

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