Science Sessions

The most toxic substances in human history“, as stated by ICU-Pulmonary Specialist Dr Paul Marik, were explained in detail by Dr Seneff, senior research scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, speaking at a PANDA Open Science Session in March 2022.

In the first few minutes she had this to say.

A journalist specialising in corruption investigation, Christine Dolan of CD Media hosts this excellent interview with Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) ICU and Pulmonary Specialists, Dr Paul Marik and Dr Pierre Kory, talking about their latest protocol: I-RECOVER Post-Vaccine Treatment. They also describe the evolution of their rise as advocates to patients being denied treatment, first for Covid and now for vaccine injury. “These people suffered in silence, they had no access to medical care, they were shunned, and were marginalised for doing what they were told to do: be vaccinated. That’s why we filled this void. We had no option. There are millions of vaccine injured across the world. They just had nowhere to go“. They discuss in detail, their knowledge of the reasons for the injuries being seen.

Dr McCullough speaks here with Del Bigtree about the next germ headline: Monkeypox. Medical journalist and semi-comedian, Bigtree begins with an insight into what’s happening behind the scenes politically. How does a virus so difficult to transmit, suddenly appear in multiple locations across the globe? Why are old pictures being used in news reports? The Nuclear Threat Initiative and Munich Biosecurity Group ran a simulated Monkeypox bioterrorism tabletop exercise in March 2021. How did they match their dates so well to today’s Monkeypox announcements? (See below, from NTI Report, November 2021). Reminiscent of Event 201, a Coronavirus pandemic tabletop exercise held in October 2019? It’s all so prophetic!

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