Accommodating Chaos

Kansas data analysis in a paper by Dr. Zacharias Fögen, an MD from Kassel, Germany, suggests mask mandated counties had ~1.4x-1.9x increased Covid-19 case fatality ratio vs. those counties without mask mandates, due to the “Foegen Effect”: deep re-inhalation of hyper condensed droplets or pure virions caught in facemasks as droplets can worsen prognosis.

The Foegen effect: A mechanism by which facemasks contribute to the COVID-19 case fatality rate.

Long-time PANDA contributor and PPE expert, Megan Mansell, referenced Fögen’s work in her mini-book “Accommodating Chaos: Correcting course on a plague of misinformation” to demonstrate exacerbation.

“This is the mechanism by which we must consider exacerbation through nebulization with each coming pathogen. I’m so happy this is getting so much attention.”

She continues, “We should also consider the role of that membrane in output, in force-filtration of accumulated droplet through a membrane, into aerosol range due to matrix composition, with added pressure due to fit (increasing trajectory of aerosol emission plumes).”

Mask Infobank at PANDA

There appear to be many in NZ who still don’t have a “Covid vaccine passport”. This is a required instrument in the planned rollout of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which will remove cash and allow authorities to ensure control of all spending and movements. These two brief clips, of many available from different sources all warning of the same thing, explain what is being planned in this regard and why the passport system is necessary.

The NZ government are now encouraging a “passport” for those who choose not to wear face masks, which likely would capture a significant portion of those also not complying with their “vaccine passport”, if they were confused enough into believing one was required. Voices for Freedom offer legal and practical advice in this regard. Below email was sent by them on Friday 3 June 2022.

In short, nothing has actually changed. You don’t “need” an exemption. If you find having one helps you, the one you already have remains valid.

Dear Helen

Did you see that the government has brought in a new “Mask Exemption Pass”? It’s created some confusion. Which is of course the whole point. As a result we are updating our mask exemption resources and have prepared this email to help clarify things for you.

Please do take the time to learn more about the mask issue and why it is so important. Also check out the resources on our website to better understand your rights. This is particularly the case if you are in the situation of being an employee or a student at a school requiring masks.

If you have friends or family interested to learn more please share this link with them: so that they are signed up to receive further updates when the legislation changes (which is quite often).

For those of you wanting the quick link to the new exemption card: click here. (We do not recommend setting up a “My Covid Record” unless you already have one. Instead use the free phone number or text.)


We rely on expert scientific evidence from around the world (as well as our own eyes and brains) to conclude that in respect of masks and Covid:

1. Masks don’t work.

2. Masks cause a whole range of physical, psychological and societal harms.

3. Masks are being used to psychologically manipulate people, to create fear & compliance, and as an identifier of the compliant and non-compliant, or “good” and “bad” citizens.

A small selection of this evidence is collated here and an excellent short video summary for the case against masks is here.


Do you still wear a mask from time to time because “it’s easier” or because “you just don’t want to make a fuss” or “You’re doing it out of respect for other people” and anyway “it’s only for 5 minutes”? If you do, time to STOP.

Because it is a big deal. And it does matter.

Wearing a mask means you’re going along with a government directive that makes no sense. A directive that exists purely to maintain its control over you and to show the population at large that you are controlled. In short, face coverings are political medicine masquerading as medical science.

If you’re reading this and you know exactly what I mean, then standing up and speaking out is not only your right but your duty.

Do you categorically need a mask exemption to establish you are exempt from wearing a mask in this country? No you do not. However, for many of you it will make life easier. It’s up to you to weigh up the pros and cons involved in whether to obtain a card or not. For myself, personally I have got one but very rarely do I use it. Everyone’s situation is different.


Mask exemptions are self governing. This means that if you have a condition that makes it unsuitable for you to wear a face covering (mask), then you do not need to wear one and you are not required to justify to anyone why you cannot wear one.

You do not need an exemption card or a medical certificate but you may feel more comfortable having one.

That said, a private businesses may insist you wear a mask wearing and/or show a physical mask exemption. Generally speaking there is a lot of misunderstanding and incorrect interpretation of the law out there so having a physical exemption card is a practical option to avoid unnecessary stress.

The government has, yet again, made another change to mask exemption guidelines (but not many changes to the actual exemptions that can be relied upon to be “exempt” – these remain essentially the same.)

The recent “old” Communication Card and/or the original card (which is identical to the Communication Card) remains valid and lawful to use. However the government has deliberately created confusion and the belief anyone wishing to not wear a mask must use an exemption card and that it must be this new “mask exemption pass”.

Also, the government seeks to have people believe they are doing something wrong by constantly raising the apparent issue of “fraudulent use of mask exemptions”.

Considering that the threshold for being exempt is your own assessment of whether or not wearing a face covering is “unsuitable” for you AND considering anxious feelings, anxiety or shortness of breath constitute legitimate grounds for being exempt then the question is: where is the fraud we hear so much about?


First, you might well say, I have a brain and eyes and I know how to use them. 

The relevant Covid Order says that if you have a health condition (physical or mental) which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable, then you are exempt from wearing one. 

A lot of people tell us they find it difficult to breathe in a mask and experience shortness of breath. And there are many other reasons people have mentioned to us including asthma, anxious feelings, anxiety, wearing glasses, skin irritations, etc. 

There is now the new “personalised exemption pass” that we’ll discuss below. However it is important to note up front thatall previous exemptions stand.You can get a good idea of how the exemptions operate and your rights from theMask Mini Kit materials

This is the main list of exemptions taken from Clause 11 of the main Covid Act:

A person is not required to wear a face covering or medical-grade face covering—

(a) if the person—

(i) is under the age of 12 years; or

(ii) has a physical or mental illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable; or

(b) when outdoors; or

(c) when taking medicine; or

(d) when eating or drinking; or

(e) when in a defined or an enclosed space that is separate from the passenger area of a vehicle that is in use as part of a public transport service; or

(f) when communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication; or

(g) when asked to remove the face covering to ascertain the person’s identity; or

(h) if wearing a face covering is not safe in all of the circumstances; or

(i) in an emergency (see clause 102); or

(j) when exercising or playing sport; or

(ja) when at a voting place to vote in an election; or

(k) when removal of, or not wearing, the face covering is otherwise required or authorised by law; or

(l) if the person has an exemption pass issued to them under clause 106A.

If you would like to have the source materials see in particular clause 11 and also Schedule 6 – Part 2 and 2A

The latest amendments relevant to face coverings are here . However, bear in mind that these amendments are focused on a particular exemption obtained via the Director General which is not the exemption most people would rely upon.

The baseline is: You are not required by law to specify the reason for your exemption. You are not required by law to carry an “exemption card”. And you are not required by law to obtain a medical certificate to establish that you are exempt.

In practice though, having a physical exemption on hand is helpful. As well in respect of mask use on private property it is best to access the resources on our website to understand your rights more fully. This is particularly the case if you are in the situation of being an employee or a student at a school requiring masks.


“If you cannot wear a face mask: We know face masks are unsuitable for some people due to disabilities or health conditions. You still have the right to food, pharmacies, education and other services. If you cannot wear a face mask, you can apply for a Mask Exemption Pass. You can show the card to transport operators, retailers and service providers. It can help make it easier to explain that a face mask is unsuitable for you. You do not have to show a Mask Exemption Pass if you cannot wear a face mask — but it may help you feel more comfortable.”

(Go here for this wording on Unite Against Covid)

However, in practice, the past 18 months or so have demonstrated that there is a lot of ignorance around the government exemptions. And then there are private businesses that muddy the water by saying they are enforcing “government mandates” but in fact they are enforcing their own regulations. There is a lot of confusion. 

For this reason many people feel more comfortable carrying a physical card.


From the hundreds of stories about mask use and mask exemptions that are relayed to us, the best way to go about your day unimpeded is to be calm and confident and to state (should it ever be raised) that: “I am exempt”.

“I am exempt” is preferable to saying “I have an exemption”.

If you strike someone who is insistent on seeing “proof” of your exemption then the easiest thing to do is be polite, maintain your composure and show them an official government exemption card (more info on that below). 

If you get to an impasse of any kind it would be advisable to take your business elsewhere and then upon returning home send an email and/or print out one of the template letters in our Mask Mini Kit and drop it off. 

In our experience it’s more effective to send the letter from home direct to the most senior person in the establishment that you have contact information for. Also, most often there is an alternative place you can take your business to that will accept you without a mask.

If you have any difficulties there or in respect of private businesses, then that is where you can use one of the template letters in ourMask Mini Kit

Please consider, besides the fact of you not wearing a mask based on its unsuitability, you are also (when out and about) setting an example for others. So whilst it may give a degree of satisfaction to share your thoughts with the guard at Countdown in a more animated fashion, the best approach is to make the whole process appear hassle free to your fellow shoppers so that more of them will seek to join you.

If you have had a particularly bad experience that has not been resolved please do get in touch with us with the subject MASK EXPERIENCE. We will do our best to assist you.


So this is the third iteration of the “exemption card” we have seen.

  1. First was the white/yellow card that we could download for over a year ourselves from various websites.
  2. Second we had exactly the same white/yellow card that they renamed a “Communication Card” that you had to obtain via website application. This card is no longer available but is still “valid”.
  3. Third, we have the white/green card they’re calling “Face Mask Exemption Pass” that is “personalised” which requires you to provide your name, date of birth and email (or if you want it sent out to you, your address).

The MOH website clearly states:You do not have to show a Mask Exemption Pass if you cannot wear a face mask — but it may help you feel more comfortable.

– the “old” Communication Card and/or the original card (which is identical to the Communication Card) remains valid and lawful to use. However, the government has deliberately created confusion whereby people now believe they must have an exemption card and furthermore many now believe they must have the new card in order not to wear a mask.

– the MOH is “collecting data” so you may wish to skip the delivery to your home and nominate an email account for electronic copy that you can print yourself or keep on your phone. 

– in case you have any doubts at all in respect of not having your child wear a mask please take note that one of their examples is simply “My child cannot wear a face mask at school” with NO explanation. 


You can request a “Face Mask Exemption Pass” from the Ministry of Health via this link:

Visit My Covid Record. If you do not already have a “My Covid Record” we do not recommend getting a Covid Record for a mask exemption. Choose another option.

  • Text 8898 (this is the text line for hearing impaired)
  • Call 0800 11 12 13 – this is probably the preferable way to apply for most people.

You can get assistance applying or printing out your pass at a pharmacy. To find a participating pharmacy near you visit Healthpoint and choose ‘My COVID Documents – get in person’. You can call 0800 11 12 13 to locate your closest participating pharmacy.


Operator: Hello this is the Covid Healthline how can I help?

Me: Hi I’m calling about getting a mask exemption.

Operator: OK. What is your name and birthdate?

Me:  [say name and birth date]

Operator: What is your address?

Me: That’s Ok I only need one emailed to me so you don’t need my address.

Operator: What is your email?

Me: [tell them email]

Operator: What is your reason for getting an exemption?

Me: I have a mental condition thank you.

Operator: What is your mental condition [nb they shouldn’t ask this question and they did not ask me this question but just in case]

Me: Oh, I don’t think I need to give that level of detail as it’s personal medical information?

Operator: Oh yes OK. [if they do push further and you don’t mind to say then you can say your reason if you want eg I suffer anxious feelings or I experience shortness of breath]
Operator: OK, I’ve sent you a verification to your email please can you check your email. [they don’t always seem to do this but they might]

Me: [Tell them verification number]

Operator: OK I have to read out this notification: “You are aware that the penalty for conviction of fraudulent use of Face Mask Exemption is up to 6 months imprisonment or a fine of up to $12,000 and you still want the face covering pass” [I can’t recall exact words but was something like this, again this is an attempt to create fear and anxiety amongst people applying in a perfectly legitimate manner for an exemption.]

Me: Yes.

Operator: OK I have sent you the Face Mask Exemption by PDF to your email.

Me: OK great I’ve got that thank you and I would also like to get one for my son.

Operator: Yes, what is his name and date of birth. ….

NOTE – below are some examples given on the Ministry of Health website as to what would be conditions that make wearing a mask unsuitable. You could mention these if you want to. But you should not have to.

This is a NON EXHAUSTIVE list – examples only…

🙃  I have asthma, and this makes wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  I have a skin irritation, eczema, or sensitive skin and this makes wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  I wear hearing aids, and these make wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  I get migraines, and these make wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  I have glasses, dry eyes or contact lenses and these make wearing a face mask difficult

🙃   I get hay fever, and this makes wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  I have difficulty breathing, and this makes wearing a face mask difficult

🙃   I get dizziness, headaches, nausea or tiredness, and these make wearing a face mask difficult

🙃  Wearing a face mask gives me a runny nose

🙃  My child cannot wear a face mask at school

Note that the Government is attempting to confuse people into thinking that the list of reasons above is no longer legitimate by suggesting ways to “overcome” them. Whether the reasons can or can’t be overcome is of no consequence. They’re all reasons acknowledged to be legitimate. And the list is non-exhaustive.

After the move to include a broad range of businesses in having “mask mandates”, there was (and still is) a lot of disinformation being spread about masks and mask exemptions. As of 14 April 2022 masks have NOT been required by legislation in schools.  If your school is requiring masks please complete a legal help form and we will endeavour to provide assistance.


It may well be that a legal case will be required to be taken in respect of actions being taken by both private businesses and some schools. We will shortly be adding a Notice Of Liability to these tools which could be especially helpful with communications with school boards of trustees / teachers.

In the meantime please keep standing up, keep speaking out and keep sharing the truth about masks and mask exemptions.

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself.

NZ Government explaining the practical use of keeping the population masked.

From Masks Are Mandatory (They Say)


The OIA previously linked to here and shown below has been deleted from official website. Another OIA references the same information and is found here

And in case that one also gets taken down see this one.

One very big harm caused by masking of the population is child development. Children rely on seeing faces for many reasons, including speech development, but also in learning to recognise and mimic emotion.

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