Don’t Panic. Organise.

It’s almost like The Rulz don’t work. Ontario, Canada: 80% vaccinated, represents the genius of a perpetual pandemic. Dirty low class citizens kept confused via need for obedience to constantly changing nonsense presented as “safety measures”.
Face masks : symbols of obedience
New Normal: obey crazy.

There is certainly a global lockstep. The language is the same whether you’re in South Africa, in Canada, or in the UK. Almost like this thing was scripted from the very beginning. But there are very subtle nuances of difference, in terms of the timeline of where these countries are, and the extent of the restrictions that people are living under. And I believe that is deliberate because there is always somebody worse off, right, than we are? You know, I’m not yet quarantined, as people in Northern Australia are. I’m not yet being fined for not being vaccinated, as people are facing in Austria. There is certainly, it seems, a kind of good-cop-bad-cop going on. Australia, Austria, Germany is the bad cop. Britain is the better cop. But I do think in the fullness of time, that following a series of experiments which, these are effectively. They’re a series of experiments to see how far they can push the people. And how much the silent majority are going to tolerate“. ~ Dustin Broadbery, Investigative Journalist, speaking to Jeremy Nell

There are many players involved in this globalist agenda. Currently enacted in the name of a pandemic, many future issues requiring ongoing lockdown are waiting in the wings. World Economic Forum is one of the biggest players. Their Covid-19 Transformation roadmap is one of many.

Exactly how much nonsense and danger will we tolerate in the name of “safety”? The Corona Ausschuss recently took testimony from Dr Sam White and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, showing clear and horrifying evidence of criminal level medical experimentation taking place. In New Zealand, Doctor RenĂ© de Monchy has spoken out at great personal cost about his observations of the corruption and harms taking place.

Please don’t be a part of this. Don’t let it happen. Do not comply. If you already have, then stop.

A cult is … the radical takeover of a social group by means of the use of psychology and manipulation. It is invariably an authoritarian command-and-control type organisation. It relies on the very enthusiastic and unquestioning commitment of the cultists to the narrative. It is very often a mind-altering experience that radically transforms ideologies, belief systems. And if we look at cults throughout history … there is very often some extraordinary event that accompanies the foundation of the cult … They almost take on the scale of a religion or a spiritual system, in bringing about this new ideology and transforming the belief systems of the cultists involved. We have certainly seen a lot of this with Covid-19 … we can see the authoritarianism, we can see the manipulation, we can see the enthusiasm of the cult members for the new ideology. There is also the punishing of any form of dissent, there is the rewarding of compliance … the fines, the social excommunication of the refuseniks … people have been bribed, people have been rewarded for their compliance …” ~ Dustin Broadbery

Public health advocacy is evolving in response to this imposition of nonsense via many authentic sources who have recognised the atrocities taking place. World Council for Health are one excellent example of active opposition to these criminal attempts to impose a New World Order, establishing instead genuine and credible alternatives.

Dr Robert Malone, creator of mRNA technology being used in the global Covid vaccination rollout, took the world by storm last week, in an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, which has been called “the single most influential media event of the past 18 months”. The episode was removed from YouTube and Malone was removed permanently from Twitter soon thereafter. He started a GETTR social media account, who claim no connections with the “Trusted News Initiative” which most mainstream outlets are a part of now, ensuring one single unquestioning narrative. GETTR then gained 500,000 new users in 24 hours.

Facts Not Fear

Next to “do no harm”, one of the first principles of public health was always to promote facts in order to allay public fears related to infectious disease. That was until 2020, when suddenly the world closed down in the name of fear. The documentary trustWHO offers some explanation to the background of this, as does Robert F Kennedy Junior, speaking about the research he conducted for his latest book. Panda and many other organisations have sprung up in attempts to correct this course.

This series of Infobites are designed to make the science surrounding COVID-19 accessible and understandable. Extra links as well as all references are available at the Infobites page.

Lockdown : Public Health Fail

In a two hour podcast interview at The Six Cents Report, Nick Hudson (around the 50 minute mark) refers to the reason that previous pandemic plans were replaced with untried and untested outbreak control responses for Covid-19. The culture of favouring centralist solutions explains the political ideology leading the global lockstep behaviour promoted by players such as those who coordinated Event 201 in October 2019. They have effectively propagandised swathes of the global population to believe that lockdown practices in some way have merit in pandemic control.

Early on in the pandemic, an academic who was a silent supporter of Panda put us in touch with the Gates Foundation. Because we were pointing out that one of the many things that was going by the wayside in the haste to lockdown in South Africa, was that childhood vaccinations were being suspended. And we thought that the consequences of that might be greater than the benefits of lockdown. Just that single factor alone. And he thought that the Gates Foundation might be interested in hearing our perspectives, not only on that specific thing but more generally on the failings of policy as it was being rolled out at that stage, in May to early June last year.

It was a very interesting engagement. They had done some homework, they’d listened to one of our first public webinars … And even though we contradicted the bulk of their narrative in what we were saying, the thing that upset them the most was …. when asked what I thought of the US government’s federal response, which is to say Trump’s response, I said I was actually quite delighted that there wasn’t a uniform federal response in the United States. It meant that every state would make up its own mind about what to do and when the dust had settled on the epidemic, we would be able to take a look back and see what methods worked and what methods didn’t work. And by the way, that prediction has actually come to pass. We now can see that the states that implemented mask mandates had no better outcomes than the states that didn’t. The states that had more draconian lockdowns had no better outcomes than the states that had mild ones or didn’t have any lockdowns at all …

But the staffers at the Gates Foundation were absolutely incensed by this perspective. It upset them much more than our observations about the inadequacy of their models and their misapprehensions of general risk. That spoke volumes to me, about the ideological presuppositions of the people on the other side of this fence“.

The below graphs show why counting a single mortality cause at a single point in time without looking at the bigger picture, is bad public health practice. Using one disease to generate fear is the worst public health practice imaginable. Lockdown is not a public health intervention and has no merit as a pandemic control response.

Follow The Mask Science is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the public health literature relating to use of masks as a control measure against respiratory viruses.

Issues of Concern

Another interview here with Dr Peter McCullough on his well researched knowledge and concerns about Covid-19 disease, SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the pandemic response. Brannon Howse on Lindell TV. He describes why the Delta variant has an even lower fatality rate, whilst also evading vaccine immunity, as well as a lot of information on the vaccines and complete lack of safety vigilance.

It was difficult to understand why an institution whose role is purportedly to promote evidence based practice for health and protection of children, would promote the masking of two year olds. Until someone followed the money trail.

These Wheels Sure Are Slow

The enormous crimes against humanity playing out globally are beyond distressing. Part of the problem being that people continue to believe a raft of nonsense being told about a “unique” disease. Which the data all show is a very standard respiratory virus related to a bunch of other very standard respiratory viruses including quarter of all common colds.

Thankfully there are people speaking out against the tide, unafraid of the label “conspiracist” bandied about by ill informed people whose whole public health knowledge comes directly from a year of propaganda aired on their television screens. Dr Rand Paul, US Republican senator for Kentucky, is one such brave soul. Challenging the very corrupt Anthony Fauci in senate hearings and daring to state the established knowledge that natural infection confers immunity, he is helping the wheels fall off the corrupt narrative. He is a medical doctor who outlets such as CNN have accused of being “anti science”. This two minute video shows him speaking against gain of function research funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Pseudoscience rules the airwaves in New Zealand and Australia, where locking down domestic and international borders in the name of stopping transmission of one virus has become “public health”. Herd immunity is claimed a murderous idea by politicians who have sat beside Bill Gates one too many times instead of learning any authentic public health. They push these ideas onto the general public via impassioned speeches claiming empathy and care. Meanwhile real world data shows otherwise.

Covid-19 has spread unabated in the UK despite stringent lockdowns. The young have developed herd immunity with minimal virus related harm, as predicted by non-Gates-associated experts from the very beginning. Lockdown has caused enormous harms to their physical health, mental health, educational opportunities and financial prospects. The elderly in care homes and hospitals have borne the brunt of Covid-19 disease, being pushed to the front of the bus by lockdown policies instead of a focused protection approach which would have shielded them.
People now genuinely believe that lockdown-until-vaccination is the only way to deal with an infectious disease. A very dangerous precedent steeped in pseudoscience, politics, power and profits.
Remnants of circulating viruses can be found in the respiratory tract of exposed but immune people if you look for them. Testing for many other viruses in perfectly healthy people would also produce positive PCR results. This is why we don’t look for influenza in healthy people.

Another example of many of the lies told as truths in the past year is that masks slow or stop spread of an airborne respiratory virus. Believing the media requires ignoring the data. Which seems to be most people’s preference. Despite the evidence, schools across the USA persist in enforcing mask mandates. Reports and video footage of teachers abusing children based on these mandates have been utterly despicable. One disturbing example is this video footage : a direct result of petrifying the general public.

Data from the United States National Covid-19 School Response Dashboard suggests that masks increase viral transmission. Multiple experts state that inappropriate mask wearing causes nebulisation of viral particles as exhalation pushes them through a moist filter.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya continues to speak out against the unhinged public health response taking place. This interview with Laura Ingraham is a rare glimpse of intelligence and ethics, advocating for the protection of children specifically, but also for proper science over corruption and deceit.