Covering Covid Crimes

Edited from NZDSOS.

Dr Michael Yeadon spoke with Roman Balmakov at Facts Matter on Epoch TV on 3 June 2022. An outspoken critic of the pandemic response for over two years, Dr Yeadon has been deplatformed and smeared relentlessly. He continues to express his concerns and fears for global public health via those channels still autonomous from pharmaceutical industry control.

Dr Yeadon is a toxicologist, biochemist and respiratory pharmacologist with 32 years experience in biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D). He was Vice President at Pfizer for 17 years, where he was responsible for all respiratory medicine R&D. This gives him a unique and intricate expertise. His financial independence separates him from the labyrinth of funding controls keeping most other experts either quiet, anonymous, or even vocally supportive of corrupt activities.

He spoke to Roman about the evidence he sees of global crimes being carried out and his conclusions about the ultimate motivations of the perpetrators. Many other commentators from different backgrounds are reaching the same conclusions based on varying analyses. There are too many to mention but a few examples include Dr Naomi Wolf (investigative journalist), Robert F Kennedy Jr (lawyer and researcher), Dr Jessica Rose (immunologist and data analyst), Dr Paul Alexander (epidemiologist), Maajid Nawaz (media and human rights activist), Dr Tess Lawrie (medical doctor) and Catherine Austin-Fitts (financial analyst).

Dr Yeadon provided expert testimony to the ongoing Corona Investigative Committee being led by Dr Reiner Fuellmich, at Session 86 in January 2022. He introduced the concept of vaccine “hot lots”. This included a presentation starting at approximately 40 minutes into the two hour testimony. He gives evidence that the ingredients and doses differ significantly between Covid-19 “vaccine” vial batches (referred to as lots). This was detected by a team of independent researchers analysing the differences in serious adverse events following injection, against the lot numbers administered.

The analysis included Janssen, Moderna and Pfizer lots, with the most significant differences apparent in Pfizer. This is a serious breach of product manufacture regulations and Dr Yeadon describes these as extremely toxic substances. He gives a compelling argument that this evidence, in conjunction with the enforcement of absurd pandemic measures including aggressive censorship of dissenting expertise, promotion of mass fear and economic destruction, suggests a deliberate criminal agenda is in progress.

This is highly relevant to New Zealand, where public health measures have caused enormous collateral damage including increased excess mortality. As with nations across the globe, our injected population are experiencing a high injury and death toll. [See this 5 minute video with Dr Guy Hatchard; read The Hatchard Report]. Teams of local independent scientists have identified the probable reason for this, as shown in our previous articles Presentation on Micro-Tech in the Comirnaty C-19 Vaccine and Interview With Dr Matt Shelton on Micro-Tech Found in C-19 Comirnaty Vials.

NZDSOS and NZLSOS have repeatedly appealed to our advocacy, regulatory, investigative and legal institutions and so far received no appropriate response. This information needs to be shared and discussed as much as possible to raise public awareness, so as to demand a halt to the vaccine program, and an immediate reinstalment of established public health practices which first do no harm.

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