One For Every Million

Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health, quickly evolving into a credible alternative to the highly corrupted World Health Organisation, gave testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee on Friday. She is front and centre, alongside the FLCCC team, of the Ivermectin scandal which is the main mascot for fraud within WHO.

Gabriela Bucher is the International Executive Director of Oxfam. Two weeks ago she presented to some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful about “one of the most profitable products ever“. Did Oxfam donors pay for her to attend this event?

Dr Naomi Wolf describes the mindset of Ms Bucher and her audience.

This is a similar phenomenon as I experienced amongst the so-called “humanitarian” crowd. They arrive in impoverished nations and quickly develop an air of superiority over the lower classes scurrying about beneath their balconies-with-views. No amount of arrogance is too much when you’re someone else’s “saviour”. A few examples of many I personally observed:

  • a European medical student offering to teach a senior local doctor how to read a simple x-ray;
  • European doctors claiming expertise they did not have, incorrectly and aggressively disputing accurate diagnoses and treatment decisions made by highly skilled local teams;
  • a European manager ordering the cleaner his organisation paid for, of the stylish home he lived in at no expense, to purchase his pet dog’s food once a month, which cost more than the cleaner’s salary;
  • an expatriate from another impoverished nation being quickly relocated to another country (apparently his only punishment) after neighbours complained that his domestic help was being verbally abused and made to stand on a tiny outside balcony whilst his family ate the meals she prepared.

Ex-Wall St financier Edward Dowd predicted the 2009 Global Financial Crisis. He gives his latest prediction here. The full interview is extremely insightful.

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