SADS and The Bill Chill

We don’t have to live in fear and we should be very careful to keep from allowing others to weaponise fear as a way to control and manipulate us. Because that’s, I think, what’s happening in this case“.

Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome in healthy young people, 8 June 2022

I wonder where the funding will come from for the Baker Institute’s latest project to solve the “bafflement”?

Something caused increased excess death in New Zealand in 2019, with a pronounced and prolonged winter peak. With the exception of a few headlines, typical for a bad flu year, this went largely unnoticed by the general public and media. By comparison 2020 hovered above average in excess mortality. The low winter peak suggests low circulating respiratory virus, usually due to a build-up of herd immunity. Analysts such as Dr Guy Hatchard are expressing concern about the patterns for 2021 and 2022 as the peaks are higher and the pattern in 2022 is not seasonal, suggesting cause(s) other than a winter respiratory virus. From the Human Mortality Database.

Established public health has been replaced with all manner of emotion-saturated “safety” measures which benefit corporate wealth and protect funding structures of prestigious institutions. None of this is protective, and it all follows a path towards authoritarian rule and removal of freedoms under a false guise of safety. The cycle of human history repeats itself yet again.

Those arguing for a return to authentic public health and an immediate halt of dangerous interventions seem to be building a critical mass, despite the powers they have to push against. The personal sacrifice and levels of courage have been phenomenal. Dr Pierre Kory and Dr Paul Marik are two examples of those risking everything to speak out.

This junior Australian doctor speaks common sense and has surrendered his career.

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