Why Didn’t We Know?


What we’re seeing in paediatrics is very very concerning. We are watching the medical system and the governmental media systems completely normalise it. In other words “Children get strokes”. “Children get heart attacks”. “Children get myocarditis”. We are watching neonatologists normalise strokes and blood clots in newborns.

New York Paediatrician, Dr Lawrence Palevsky’s full interview is available at this link.

Naomi Wolf, who reports on a team of 3,000 volunteers analysing the Pfizer “data dumps” (available at Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency), discusses in this clip, the “safety and efficacy” of this injection in pregnancy. How can we know this and still believe Pfizer, and government representatives signing lucrative contracts with Pfizer, have our best interests at the heart of their multi billion dollar business model?

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