Harming the Next Generation(s)

Is no way to “stay safe”.

Tragic. Criminal in my opinion. No trials were done on pregnant women. The trials that got Pfizer authorised were 40-plus rats. They didn’t let the rats carry to completion. They euthanised the rats. And this is how they said “see it’s safe in pregnancy”. Nonsense. With a gene based product. This isn’t even a vaccine. Those reproductive toxicity studies should have been done. In the Pfizer data cohort there were 270 women that got pregnant. 230+ were lost to follow up! Of the 38, 26 I think miscarried. THEY KNEW. Meanwhile we have governments saying “safe in pregnancy”. That is a criminal lie“. ~ Dr Ryan Cole

Justin Bieber is 28yo. He has just been diagnosed, two months after his 25 year old wife had a stroke, with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.

According to Wikipedia Ramsay Hunt Syndrome Type 2 is also known as Herpes Zoster Oticus.

According to Pfizer, Herpes Zoster Oticus is an expected adverse reaction of their Comirnaty injection.

It is the most fatal clinical trial in history … We know people are dying … The police should be investigating all these deaths … This is absolutely urgent ~ Dolores Cahill, Immunologist, Microbiologist, Patent Law Expert

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