Science vs Science Fiction in an Upside Down World

A cardiac surgeon in NZ has claimed the parents wishing to have Covid-unvaccinated blood for their baby who needs to receive donor blood during heart surgery, “believe in science fiction“. It is starting to look as though science and science fiction have flipped on their heads. This form was recently removed from the NZ Blood … More Science vs Science Fiction in an Upside Down World

Doctors in Discussion

Doctors Matt Shelton and Emanuel Garcia are two founding members of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science who dare not to remain anonymous despite the Mafia establishment threatening them and thousands of other doctors across the globe who have risked their rights to practice by speaking out. They had this chat together recently. Apparently … More Doctors in Discussion

What Happened to Erica, Dan and Artin, and Why

Health care professionals with spine and ethics. When you hear them you know them. Erica November 2021. Dan and Artin April 2020 Common sense became (and remains) a cardinal sin. After holding this press conference to explain that a widespread infection with a low fatality rate could be responded to with common sense based on … More What Happened to Erica, Dan and Artin, and Why

Brief But Powerful Treasures

Cristian Terhes, Romanian MEP spoke directly to Moderna and Pfizer in the European Parliament recently. Immunologist Dr Byram Bridle spoke to Bright Light News about extreme concerns in administering these products to children. He outlines why children are at insignificant risk from Covid-19 disease. Professor Zvika Granot is an Israeli Immunologist. He confirms that the … More Brief But Powerful Treasures