Enormous Personal Cost

Dr Cindy de Villiers of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science spoke with Liz Gunn recently. Dr de Villiers is a kind, intelligent, ethical and informed warrior standing up for what is right against Big Power, following basic scientific principles and medical ethics. “The most facile way of dismissing an intelligent discussion, none of which we’ve been able to have on our mainstream, by simply labelling and then dismissing … Our initial letter was to Medsafe and to the government Ministry of Health, indicating our concerns with the rollout. Since then we’ve written multiple letters about the vaccine injured, possile deaths associated with the vaccination, possible contamination of the vaccination. But really we’ve had no response ,,, It’s not about health. It’s about financial corporations and pharmaceuticals“.

Dr Naomi Wolf gave this amazing interview recently. An author, political advisor, historian and investigative journalist, she has researched and written about the “steps to fascism”, and today speaks out clearly about what we are now experiencing. It has an American flavour, but very relevant given the global uniformity of all governmental responses (see Klaus Schwab “we have penetrated all of the cabinets” for an explanation of that one, which surely leads to the question: why does noone deny it?).

So often, when a democracy is dying or a regime is turning the screws on freedoms to create and establish new forms of tyranny, it happens intentionally in a very incremental way. And you really see this from 1930 to 1933 in Germany, which is what I go back to over and over, for understanding this moment. I wrote about those moments in history in my prior book … in which tyrants on the left or right suppress democracy … In a two tier society some members are valued as clean and included, and others are ostracised, marginalised and ‘othered’ as causing infection to others, unscientifically. I recognised this to my horror, pretty early on because of my earlier work on tyrannies. When there’s emergency law, I realised by June 2020, they’re not letting us out. We’re not going to get our freedoms back without a fight. Because that’s what happens historically. By August 2020 I was recognising historically, you only restrict assembly and commerce and education of populations as a precursor to theft of a targeted group’s assets and land. And the target this time is humanity”.

Alex Antic described the World Economic Forum to the Australian Senate in this very articulate 3 minutes. Responses to every crisis which they announce and promote, ranging from Covid to climate change: your freedoms must be minimised. And they know how to do it. “For safety”. If we own nothing, the state owns everything. Including our freedom of thought, knowledge-seeking and speech. They’ll only succeed with our compliance.

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