The Cells Don’t Lie

This three minute video shows what life is like in China under QR code surveillance. Updates on the insanity continue via uploaded TikTok videos, too. Daily and sometimes twice-daily testing is required by many in order to keep the QR code green in order to stay employed, in school, etc. This Sky News interview with … More The Cells Don’t Lie

Enormous Personal Cost

Dr Cindy de Villiers of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science spoke with Liz Gunn recently. Dr de Villiers is a kind, intelligent, ethical and informed warrior standing up for what is right against Big Power, following basic scientific principles and medical ethics. “The most facile way of dismissing an intelligent discussion, none of … More Enormous Personal Cost

River of No Return

On 17 April 1975 the people of Phnom Penh were expelled into the countryside by Marxist soldiers claiming it was for their safety and would be only for a short time. Dr Nal Oum was Deputy Director of the Paediatric Ward at the National Hospital at that time. In this interview with Jan Jekielek of … More River of No Return

Two Plus Two

Life since 2020 is portrayed in this genius six minute film, nominated for Best Short Film at the BAFTA Awards in 2013. Doctors and scientists are experiencing unprecedented assaults on free and open scientific discourse. In response, new institutions and organisations are emerging. Hillsdale College Academy for Science and Freedom is one of many examples. … More Two Plus Two

This Caravan of Love

Anti-vaccine was a phrase unheard of when I first started covering vaccine safety issues, when I was assigned to do that for CBS many years ago. That suddenly emerged on the landscape, that anybody who asks a logical, rational question about the safety of a medicine for an individual was suddenly portrayed as anti-vaccine. That’s … More This Caravan of Love

Children and Covid

“Those of us who speak out are not all politically the same. But we have the same ethic … get the government out of people’s medical care. Governments don’t need to dictate what treatment you do or don’t get. Let doctors be doctors. And prescribe medicines that are safe and effective. Don’t punish them for … More Children and Covid