Blacks to the Front of the Line

Severe COVID ‘Rare’ in People Who Didn’t Get Vaccine, Survey Reveals
A survey of 300,000 people who didn’t get the COVID-19 vaccine revealed the unvaccinated didn’t place a disproportionate burden on health systems — in fact, they experienced very low rates of hospitalization and severe COVID-19.

Childrens Health Defense Article, 14 June 2022

“Gates-funded “fact-checker” organisations “debunked” any link … When home run king Hank Aaron died seventeen days after receiving a vaccine, I wrote that his death was among a wave of deaths in older people following vaccination … a hundred news organizations across the globe rushed to castigate me and rebuff my article as “vaccine misinformation,” assuring the public that the Fulton County Coroner had declared Aaron’s death “unrelated to the vaccine.” When I called the Fulton County Coroner, the office informed me that they had never seen Hank Aaron’s body and that Aaron’s family had buried him without autopsy”. ~ RFK Junior

At the February 2021 press conference, Francis Collins said that NIH’s new generation of HIV vaccines will specifically target Africans and African Americans, “to make sure everybody, everywhere, has the opportunity to be cured, not just those in high-income countries”. Such sympathies were a consistent preoccupation along the Gates/NIH nexus. Melinda Gates lamented on CNN, April 10, 2020, that she was “kept up at night” worrying about vulnerable populations in Africa. In June 2020, she told Time Magazine that, in the United States, Black people should get the COVID-19 vaccine first.

The idea that Blacks should be first in line for the vaccine – and official anxieties that many Blacks would resist this privilege – were persistent themes in pronouncements by the leading health agencies during the pandemic. As we shall see in Chapter 12, Gates, Fauci, and the intelligence agency and pharmaceutical company partners repeatedly wargamed strategies for overcoming Black resistance in many of the dozen pandemic simulations leading up to COVID-19. Once the pandemic was underway, HHS recruited Black preachers, HBCU college deans, civil rights leaders, and sports figures like Hank Aaron to soften jab hesitancy in the Black community. They staged press conferences and highly publicized celebrity vaccination confabs and extravagantly financed government advertising campaigns targeting Blacks in both the United States and Africa.

In December 2020, Dr Fauci scolded resistance in the community, saying, “The time is now to put skepticism aside”. Without citing any studies demonstrating the vaccine was safe, he said that “The first thing that you might want to say to my African brothers and sisters is that the vaccine you’re oing to be taking was developed by an African-American woman – and that’s just a fact”.

When Cicely Tyson, Marvin Hagler, and rapper Earl Simmons – aka DMX – all died soon after taking COVID vaccines, the medical community and CDC rushed in to assure the African American community that the deaths were not vaccine related. Social media and mainstream outlets censored or removed stories that suggested a vaccine association. Gates-funded “fact-checker” organisations “debunked” any link. The desperation to discredit such talk inspired many “respectable” media outfits to simply lie.

When home run king Hank Aaron, whom I knew, died seventeen days after receiving a vaccine at a staged press conference at Atlanta’s Morehouse College, I wrote that his death was among a wave of deaths in older people following vaccination. (I never said the vaccine caused Aaron’s death.) The New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, Inside Edition, and a hundred news organizations across the globe rushed to castigate me and rebuff my article as “vaccine misinformation,” assuring the public that the Fulton County Coroner had declared Aaron’s death “unrelated to the vaccine.” When I called the Fulton County Coroner, the office informed me that they had never seen Hank Aaron’s body and that Aaron’s family had buried him without autopsy. After I published this embarrassing fact, not a single news organization posted a retraction.

Federal law requires that every injury or death following vaccination during clinical trials—or, by logical extension, with emergency use products —must be attributed to the vaccine unless proven otherwise. Nevertheless, as of August 2021, the CDC officially took the Pollyannaish view that not one of the 13,000-plus deaths162 reported to VAERS following vaccination as of August 20, 2021, was vaccine related. Not one. As was the case with Hank Aaron, CDC apparently did nothing to actively investigate any of those deaths, exonerating the vaccines, instead, by fiat.

While unusual numbers of Black celebrities were dying postvaccination in America, an eyebrow-raising number of anti-vax political leaders were simultaneously expiring in Africa. The epidemic of untimely deaths among high-profile black African heads of state and key government ministers and physicians who opposed Bill Gates/COVAX policies provoked a wave of conspiracy theories suggesting that these men were murdered to silence dissent. The phenomenon was so striking during the first year of the pandemic that both Reuters and the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published articles seeking to explain the troubling trend.

The Internet assassination speculations reached a boil following the strange murder of President Jovenel Moïse of Haiti by a team of elite, well-trained Colombian mercenaries with links to United States intelligence agencies. Moïse was a vocal opponent of the WHO vaccine program.

The African leaders who died suddenly after criticizing WHO vaccination policy included President John Magufuli of Tanzania (March 17, 2021), Prime Minister Hamed Bakayoko of Ivory Coast (March 10, 2021), President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi (January 8, 2020), and Madagascar’s popular, influential, and anti-vax ex-President Didier Ignace Ratsiraka (March 28, 2021). Kenya’s beloved physician Stephen Karanja, the chairman of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association—who had exposed the WHO sterilization program in 2014 and who criticized the agency’s COVID rollout in 2020—also died, reportedly of COVID (April 29, 2021).

A peer-reviewed article in the BMJ titled “Why have so many African leaders died of COVID” lists seventeen heads of state and leading government health ministers who passed in the twelve months between February of 2020 and February of 2021. The BMJ article states that almost all of these deaths resulted in dramatic shifts in national health policies from skepticism toward strong support for vaccination in their respective countries. The article points out that the overall death rates (1:33) among African elected leaders from COVID are seven times the rates for their sex and age and demographics of the general population during that time period.

I do not endorse the theory that these men were murdered, nor do I dismiss such speculation out of hand. It is naive to believe that powerful men and women who threaten a trillion-dollar industry allied with Western military and intelligence agencies do so without risk. I document the keen interest by the Western intelligence community and militaries in the African vaccine enterprise in Chapter 12, “Germ Games.” The historic involvement of Western intelligence agencies in coups and the murders of African leaders on behalf of their corporate clientele is well documented.

I have a clear personal memory of the shocked reaction by my father and my uncle John Kennedy to the assassination of Congo’s liberator Patrice Lumumba on my birthday, January 17, 1961, a week before my uncle John Kennedy’s inauguration as US President. JFK regarded Lumumba as the “George Washington of the Congo.” US and European mining companies had their eyes on the Congo’s vast mineral wealth, and Lumumba—a beloved nationalist who led the Congo’s liberation movement against Belgium—had sworn to deploy that wealth, instead, to benefit the Congolese people. We have since learned that the CIA and the Belgian intelligence agencies collaborated in Lumumba’s murder. (In 2002, Belgium formally apologized for its role in the assassination.) CIA Director Allen Dulles, who planned to kill Lumumba with poison toothpaste, knew that my uncle had enormous affection and admiration for Lumumba. Dulles feared that JFK would interfere with the CIA’s plan to liquidate the charismatic leader. Among other mischief, the CIA overthrew governments in Ghana in 1966 and Chad in 1982.

Congressional investigations in the 1970s exposed the CIA’s years of experimentation to develop untraceable poisons and secretive murder tools. CIA scientists, including NIH brain surgeon Maitland Baldwin, working under MKUltra’s director Sidney Gottlieb at Ft. Detrick, concocted a diabolical arsenal of assassination weaponry including beamed radio frequency radiation, pathogenic microbes, and dissipating chemicals, all intended to mimic natural deaths. This armory of toxins gave the agency capacity to assassinate uncooperative foreign leaders while avoiding suspicion. Such shenanigans suggest that it is our duty as citizens to remain alert to the times democracy might lose control of rogue intelligence agencies.

[Taken from The Real Anthony Fauci, Chapter 9: The White Man’s Burden]

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