A Girl from Tipperary, A Girl from Whāngarei

If the law was working, the care home owner and the undertaker should have called the police … Because eight died within 48 hours; 19 within 14 days and 26 of them were dead within five weeks. There are 10 care homes in Ireland where 10+ people died within a week of the injection. Whereas in Ireland in 2020 it was the lowest number of deaths in the previous ten years. Some of the experts said there would be more than 100,000 deaths in Ireland and that was not the case … If the law was working the care home worker and undertaker should have called the police. There is a psychological underpinning to this, very well known in psychology and they’re using it against us. How you can manipulate people that were essentially good, to going along with criminality including killing people. You have to study it to understand what is going on, but when the deaths happen, society is not going to investigate death and murder and contributory manslaughter.

professor dolores cahill

Janita Andrews’ family owns a barber shop in Whāngarei, New Zealand. “It’s about my family. It’s about keeping kai on the table“. Why are governments across the globe – regardless of party affiliation – doing this to the world’s most vulnerable? The answer seems too awful to consider. Non compliance is the only appropriate response. Janita is fighting right.

Professor Dolores Cahill is a scientist and immunologist who co-invented a technology which improved immune-related diagnoses and immune-related adverse events. Her work in developing medical solutions also led to her becoming an expert in law due to the patents she became involved in. She has held advisory roles in Ireland and Europe and was a Professor at the University of Dublin for 16 years until she retired in 2021. She speaks out against the pandemic response and so she is, of course, now described as holding “far right” political views by mainstream media. Anyone who listens to her speak knows this is a lie, but an effective one which sees most dismiss her without even listening.

She gave an incredible presentation at The Better Way Conference held in Bath UK from 20-22 May 2022. Conference convenor Dr Tess Lawrie was so deeply affected by it that she arranged a repeat presentation to be made available to a wider audience.

During her childhood in Tipperary, Professor Cahill’s community were central to a famous legal case after pharmaceutical company Merck, Sharp and Dohme established a factory in the area. Farmers began to lose stock, and animals were being born with physical defects which had never happened before. She describes that the psychology of what is happening today, happened then. Many farmers denied or concealed it was happening and the community became divided. Politicians and councillors denied the cause of the harm by doing things such as testing the water to declare it pure, when it was obvious that the harm was via air pollution, as affected farms were down-wind of the factory incinerators. High rates of cancer and ill health appeared in the human population also.

A legal case ensued over the following ten years. Merck, Sharp and Dohme, who attempted to blackmail families to stop them speaking out, eventually lost in court. Professor Cahill describes a fascinating story of misrepresentation, lies and gaslighting, which she sees happening now in relation to the pharmaceutical-led pandemic response.

Her background including the family’s Irish roots is fascinating and highly relevant to current day events. As is her story about developing a highly specific and sensitive diagnostic test for auto-immune diseases and cancer, which identified other diagnostic tests as being entirely inaccurate. She was ultimately central in “bringing down a whole diagnostic industry using false tools and false tests, falsely declaring diseases that people did not have“. She recognised 30 years ago that these inaccurate testing practices were going to corrupt the scientific record.

This weaves into her involvement today, challenging the fraud being carried out in the Covid-19 pandemic. Her knowledge of the law includes a history of the way a legal system was built which distorted the basic tenets of law, and she offers very simple solutions. It is one of the best presentations you could hope to learn from, connecting history with science with law, and personal perspective with professional experience. The photograph she shares of her Tipperary homeland is a perfect visual representation for this completely engaging lesson.

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