Authentic Medicine: Restoring Global Health

As the world staggered from a historic recognition of global health as the rightful domain of such institutions as World Health Organisation, into a widespread realisation that the pharmaceutical industry had seized control, clinicians across the world were learning how to treat Covid-19 patients. Achieving high success rates with repurposed, cheap and effective drugs in different parts of the USA very early in the pandemic, lung and intensive care specialists Doctor Pierre Kory and Doctor Paul Marik crossed paths via an early treatment protocol in January 2020.

Their meeting quickly grew into a professional partnership and collaboration with other medics and health professionals learning to treat Covid-19 disease and seeking out collegial associations. As they experienced aggressive opposition and silencing from indoctrinated corporate media, academic and health service advocates, the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) evolved as a way to reinforce and maintain professional alliances.

An Unexpected Evolution of Global Health Expertise

In contrast to the covert and imperious practices of governments and global health agencies, the work of FLCCC is entirely transparent, accessible and participatory. They break down clinical and observational research and analysis of available literature into bite-sized chunks for audiences of any knowledge level. They have developed multiple Covid-19 protocols, all of which are available online for use by clinicians anywhere. Regular online presentations are delivered, as well as weekly webinar updates with guest speakers as wide-ranging as medical professionals from similar and also completely different specialities and perspectives; patients; mourning relatives; nurses; and lawyers. FLCCC have advocated persistently and effectively for patients with acute Covid-19 infection, Long Covid, and now Covid-19 vaccine injuries.

Whilst most of the world continues to follow the advice of fraudulent doctrines promoted by powerful corporate interests holding forte over incompetent and corrupted governments, FLCCC grows in specialised medical knowledge and continues to evolve as the world’s leading experts in Covid-19 clinical care. They talk about the political aspects to this crisis, including Dr Kory’s powerful testimony in December 2020 to the USA Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and Dr Paul Marik’s impassioned evidence to Senator Ron Johnson’s “Second Opinion” Panel in January 2022. However their focus is inter-disciplinary collaboration on clinical knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for all patients.

An example of the FLCCC weekly webinar, screened on Wednesdays at 7pm US Eastern Daylight Time (Thursday 11am in New Zealand), was this week’s discussion: Perspectives on BA.4 and BA.5 From USA, Brazil and South Africa. Dr Kory, Dr Marik, Dr Flavio Cadegiani of Brazil and Dr Robert Rapiti of South Africa compare rates of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths as well as the experience of patient presentations, all of which differ amongst population characteristics and the way these interact with circulating virus variants.

Highly vaccinated countries such as Brazil and Portugal are experiencing far worse outcomes than countries with low vaccination rates. This leads to a divergence in recommendations as patient presentations and needs differ. Evidence around the pathological differences are discussed in detail as the doctors compare their experiences and interpretations of the evidence.

NZDSOS follow FLCCC closely in order to inform our own practice and recommendations, such as the May 2022 launch of the i-Recover Post-Vaccine Treatment Protocol. This week FLCCC announced an update of the i-Mask Protocol which has been separated into two: i-CARE Early Covid Treatment and i-PREVENT Covid Protection Protocol.

FLCCC represent authentic medicine, uncompromised by political influence. They have the skill and courage to defend client rights and to follow the Hippocratic Oath which all medical doctors swear to abide by, but which many during the Covid-19 crisis appear to have abandoned. A global health revolution is underway in which FLCCC stand centre-stage.

Watch: Transparent Global Health In Action

Available at FLCCC Weekly Updates and delivered on 29 June 2022, The Perspectives on BA.4 and BA.5 From USA, Brazil and South Africa is shared here for anyone interested in learning more.

From NZDSOS, 1 July 2022

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