An Ear for the Silenced

Casey Hodgkinson’s story of injury and suffering went viral around the world.

Yet NZ’s mainstream media abused her as a liar, leading to unforgivable online harassment.

10 months after her first dose, she is still cruelly ignored by Jacinda Ardern’s government who have given Casey zero help or compensation.

Through her pain, Casey continues to speak up for the thousands of injection-injured Kiwis.

This is Casey’s update, her heart, and her final interview for a while.

*Since we recorded and edited this piece we have heard Casey has been re-admitted to hospital as of Friday 1st July 2022. We ask you all to send her your prayers and your support.


The original November 2021 interview with FreeNZ’s Liz Gunn, one of few New Zealand journalists speaking out on this crisis. Funding arrangements between the NZ government, academic institutions and media appear to be linked to pharmaceutical industry money and contracts.

Rob Martin is another New Zealander suffering from Functional Neurological Disorder following Covid-19 injection.

Tania is the wife of injection-injured Rob Martin.
We spoke to Rob back in February of 2022.
This was recorded on the same day.
FreeNZ are now releasing this with Tania’s blessing.


The February 2022 interview with Rob:

If you would like to donate to support Casey with her ongoing medical & living costs, please do so here:
Miss C M Hodgkinson
ASB: 12-3661-0002779-51

Rob’s account for any donation support you can provide is:
ASB: 12-3079-0169629-50
For any more information on how you can help Robert and Tania, please email:

Covid-19 data visualisations: NZ in numbers

How is this an “effective vaccine”?

In the video below, Belgian virologist/vaccinologist Dr Geert Vanden Bossche breaks down why these injections are expected to exacerbate Covid-19 disease in those receiving them. This is also explained in this brief clip from The Highwire. In short, the injections alter the immune system making recipients less able to tolerate any microbial exposure, but especially anything resembling the spike protein resulting from Covid-19 so-called “vaccines”. A term has been coined for the phenomenon: Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). The risk increases with each dose, explaining why deaths are increased in boosted populations. Like thousands of other scientists, Dr Vanden Bossche advises against taking these injections and he also offers solutions for those who already have.

This is in addition to the risks involved from ingredients of these injections circulating in the human body. Described by Dr Robert Malone as “the most toxic medical substance ever administered to humans”, the five main problematic ingredients are:

  1. mRNA which we are repeatedly told cannot alter the human genome but which medical literature suggests otherwise.
  2. Lipid nanoparticles (five different types, used as an envelope wrapped around the mRNA). Fluid at cold or room temperature, they become solid at body temperature and can cross barriers such as blood-brain, placental and into breastmilk. Likely involved in many thousands of cases of neurological damage, as well as high rates of foetal loss, and foetal / neonatal health problems. Also known to travel to the ovaries and the testes, live birth rates have plummeted in the past year.
  3. Spike protein, which the mRNA in the injections instructs the body’s cells to make. It usually doesn’t cross the respiratory mucosal barrier in natural infection (but when it does breach immune barriers in the respiratory tract, it is responsible for the effects seen in those who experience severe disease. In these instances it is treatable). In contrast to natural infection, spike protein resulting from injections starts out in the circulation, and travels to any organ.
    Spike protein is similar to some human cells but which the immune system recognises as a foreign body and attacks when it appears. Not always able to differentiate between spike protein and our own cells eg of the heart muscle, this can lead to a range of auto-immune reactions. It can cause havoc to the body’s clotting system and is responsible for strokes, blood clots and aneurysms. Pathologists report clots larger than anything they have ever seen and are sharing observations from autopsy with evidence of Covid-19 vaccine causation. Spike protein and lipid nanoparticles are also responsible for damaged heart muscle (myocarditis) and heart lining (pericarditis) and heart attacks.
  4. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is the most concerning lipid nanoparticle in the fat envelope wrapped around the mRNA. It is a common and severe allergen, responsible for anaphylactic shock occurring at much higher rates with these substances.
  5. Ingredients are redacted from the product information so that noone other than the manufacturer knows the full list of contents in the vials. NZDSOS have worked with teams of scientists who report unknown contaminations in the Pfizer vials, also being reportedly seen in some influenza vaccine vials. See their articles on 3 April 2022 and 15 April 2022. Also their eight-part article series on Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries, dated June and July 2022 available in this link. (Parts 1 to 6 are currently published).

NZDSOS continue to reach out to relevant authorities including Medsafe, police, MPs, Childrens’ Commissioner, the Ombudsman and NZ Lawyers Speaking Out With Science (NZLSOS), requesting full investigation relating to serious concerns about, and harms associated with these substances. Many thousands of New Zealanders (and millions of people globally), including both Casey Hodgkinson and Rob Martin, have taken these injections under duress (or in response to a flood of propaganda) rather than as an informed health choice.

Dr Naomi Wolf explains here, what happened after a US court ordered Pfizer and the FDA to release documents which they had requested the court to allow remain unavailable from public scrutiny for 75 years. “The biggest headline that major media is completely ignoring, with the biggest story of our era“. Each month many thousands of pages of trial data are released per the court order. A team of 3,000 credentialed researchers are analysing the information and Dr Wolf is the journalist reporting on their findings.

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