Thugs Destroying Lives

No matter how many degrees they have, no matter how many publications they have, 30% of the population are unable to receive new data that alters their paradigm. They’re brainwashed. And if you present them with data like I do, they will get intensely angry, begin ad hominem attacks and name calling. They’re gone. They’re lost.

There’s a middle 40% that don’t know what to believe. They’re confused. They see things that don’t make sense, but they listen to things on the media …

Then there’s 30% which includes me, you and many others. Who know exactly what’s going on. And know exactly what the agenda is. But of that 30% it’s only a rare person, especially a physician like myself, that can call out the unethical, illegal, immoral, illegitimate and unconstitutional threats and mandates coming from <the licencing boards>

When these organisations resort to the tactics they have, everybody knows they’re hiding something …

Forget about MDs and RNs and forget about titles. Forget about degree of education. Anybody with a brain realises that when people act this way and they threaten you. That there’s something very nefarious.

Dr James Thorp

This interview with obstetrician Dr James Thorp was filmed near the end of 2021. A critical thinker and articulate speaker, Dr Thorp is a foetal medicine specialist whistleblowing on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the American Board of Medical Specialities. These authorities, and their counterparts across the globe, have threatened members with loss of professional licence should they speak against the Covid-19 injections promoted to pregnant women despite zero safety data.

Zero Safety Data is the new contract model between product manufacturers and their government-funded marketing arms posing as regulatory agencies and licensing authorities, as described by Dr Toby Rogers on 29 June 2022 (clip below; full interview here). “The FDA has just completely abandoned science altogether“.

Look after your immune system and it will look after you. Experimental pharmaceutical products claiming to do something which they clearly don’t do, are destructive to the immune system.

Around 450 Australians die everyday. After 90% of the population had received two doses of Covid-19 injectable products in December 2021, up to one third of these deaths became attributable to the virus that the injections claim to protect against. After booster shots were rolled out in October 2021 cumulative Covid-19 deaths jumped more than five-fold.

But the pharmaceutical industry wouldn’t hurt us?

All is not lost. Collaborations of analytical, ethical practitioners across the world are working to address the monumental corruption which has overtaken health care to impose authoritarian control over populations across the globe. Brazil hosted the Second World Medical Congress at Iguazu Falls from 29 June to 3 July 2022. Dr Pierre Kory gave this insightful opening address about the parallel structures forming against totalitarianism, including his own FLCCC. “We will get through this. We will get our truth out. All grassroots movements that were on the right side of history. That had a truth, that had a goal. They’ve all succeeded … I cannot stand hearing about all the people dying. They’re dropping dead. Young people who don’t wake up. Healthy, beautiful young people. They’re not waking up right now. They’re being found … all around the world. Young people are dropping dead. And they’re sweeping it under the rug …“.

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