Twelve Months, 769 Athletes

When are we allowed to acknowledge that something is very wrong? Doctors who speak out are “fact checked” by media outlets owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Their characters are assassinated, careers destroyed, medical licences threatened and removed, and livelihoods stripped. They keep speaking. None of this is without precedent. “Merck, [with] its blockbuster drug, Vioxx, … More Twelve Months, 769 Athletes

Little White Crosses

A petition for recognition, treatment and compensation for NZ vaccine injured was presented in Wellington on Tuesday 29 March 2022. Petition representatives were prevented by police from entering parliament grounds. MP Chris Penk met them below the terrace to receive the petition. The below report on events of the day comes from Health Forum NZ, … More Little White Crosses

Document Dumps

Pfizer and the US FDA initially tried to conceal their vaccine clinical trial data. As described in this article by Dr Michael Nevradakis, legal proceedings led to a court ruling that documents must be released on an ordered schedule. Regular document dumps are being made available on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency … More Document Dumps

Hope Springs Eternal

A number of advocacy groups (including Health Forum NZ, Voices for Freedom, Freedom and Rights Coalition) and individuals (including vaccine injured and some of the many thousands who have been mandated out of employment and careers) made submissions to New Zealand’s Human Rights Commissioner at a meeting on Tuesday 22 February. The Commissioner released Human … More Hope Springs Eternal

The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

“The reason why I started writing papers and making videos, was because I saw something alarming… People need to stop denying there’s something bad going on. There’s something bad going on.“ Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist, speaks here about safety monitoring and the data she has analysed on the Covid products. The link also leads to … More The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx