Complicated Collusions and Preposterous Pregnancy Promotions

Whilst opponents challenge Ursula von der Leyen in the European Parliament, maternal-foetal medicine specialist Dr Thorp refutes New Zealand’s Doctor Nikki Turner who has promoted experimental pharmaceutical products to pregnant women, offering to debate her in person. … More Complicated Collusions and Preposterous Pregnancy Promotions

Heroes and Horribles

“Emergency is the language that you use once democracy is no longer working for you … Those who want rational debate and value freedom over the promise of safety are now labelled as threats to the public“. South Australian Senator Alex Antic’s speeches in parliament have been heroic at a time of fear and intimidation. … More Heroes and Horribles

Twelve Months, 769 Athletes

When are we allowed to acknowledge that something is very wrong? Doctors who speak out are “fact checked” by media outlets owned by the pharmaceutical industry. Their characters are assassinated, careers destroyed, medical licences threatened and removed, and livelihoods stripped. They keep speaking. None of this is without precedent. “Merck, [with] its blockbuster drug, Vioxx, … More Twelve Months, 769 Athletes