COVID-19: The Unraveling of Experimental Medicine and The Golden Rule of Pregnancy

Dr Naomi Wolf, a historian who has studied genocide, speaks with Del Bigtree on what she describes as a “Baby Die-Off”.

Quite apart from the baby deaths, there are such vast scales of undisclosed harms ranging from … crippling muscle pain and myalgia. Crippling joint pain … So many forms of clotting events. So much thrombocytopaenia. So many stroke-like events. Encephaly. So many neurological harms … Guillain Barre, Bells Palsy, MS, they’re off the charts.

The point is, looking at this and knowing as I do, the history of 1930 to 1933 in very great detail, when even before the Nazis were officially in power, they were weaponising boards of health and they were weaponising medical licensing boards and professional organisations of doctors. Precisely to stigmatise, the clean and the unclean, the fit and the unfit, and to politicise medicine, to say that you’re worthy of being saved and you’re not. All the way to nine years later, Mengele’s experiments.

Initially before I saw the Pfizer documents I thought comparing this to Dr Mengele is rhetorical, it’s excessive, there’s no cause for it. Now I’ve seen the documents. These people knew for fourteen months! To this day they know that these injections kill babies. That these injections cause neurological harms. Cause strokes. Cause clotting. People are collapsing. Athletes are collapsing. Doctors are mystified!

A longer interview with Dr Wolf about revelations from the Pfizer documents being analysed by six teams of 3,000 researchers, is available at Maajid Nawaz’ new show, Radical: Episode 12. They draw connections between the behaviours of leaders in previous emergencies and this one: the solution of totalitarian rulers is always removal of liberties. This is a well known phenomenon, as addressed by the Siracusa Principles of April 1985.

Dr Pierre Kory is not a mystified medic:

  • 1024 collapses on the field with about 780 of them dead, in 2021.
  • Over 30 years the average per year is 29 deaths.
  • In January 2022 there were 127 collapses and 87 of them died.

Locking down in the name of saving nursing home residents, actually led to deaths in nursing homes as residents in need of care, routine and social contact suffered extreme neglect and lost connection with their families. The idea that established public health needed to be dismantled “for safety” has been an unforgivable and lethal disaster.

COVID-19: The Unraveling of Experimental Medicine and The Golden Rule of Pregnancy

NZDSOS, 12 July 2022

Obstetrician-Gynaecologist James Thorp is a whistleblower speaking in defiance of his medical licensing boards about the risks associated with using experimental medicines on pregnant women, to the American and international media. He co-authored a three-part article series published in the Gazette of Medical Sciences titled ‘COVID-19 and the Unraveling of Experimental Medicine’. The peer reviewed articles offer a refined analysis of relevant COVID-19 medical science.

Part I, published in January 2022, offers a comprehensive overview of viral immunology and pandemic dynamics, challenging established doctrines with evidence for new, and rejuvenation of old and forgotten, hypotheses. Discussion of the science is intertwined with historical accounts of medical research and contention between competing paradigms.

Part II, published in March 2022, examines the various interventions prescribed by governments globally with the intent of monitoring and limiting viral spread, which predictably failed for reasons detailed. Comparisons between different national strategies are made. The scientific community’s faith in vaccination as a solution, and the consequent failure of this strategy using experimental medicines, in “the riskiest and most ill-advised experiment in medical history“, is detailed. This includes comparisons with natural immunity and analysis of the post-injection harms being seen, including in New Zealand.

Part III, published in April 2022, outlines prevention and treatments which it is estimated could have reduced morbidity and mortality by up to 80% had they not been suppressed by mainstream medicine. The interventions discussed address the concepts outlined in Part I of the article series. Unlike the new and untried experimental medicines promoted throughout the pandemic, an abundance of historical evidence exists for these simple and effective interventions. The rise of courageous medical clinicians and scientists in response to the crisis resulting from imposed “political science” costing public health so dearly, is discussed in detail.

The Golden Rule of Pregnancy: Never Use an Experimental Medicine

Dr Thorp presented to the World Council for Health weekly General Assembly #48, on Monday 11 July 2022. His 20 minute, heartbreaking presentation begins 1h,12m into the session.

As a Maternal and Foetal Medicine Specialist, Dr Thorp describes staying awake at night, worrying about the possible disaster that awaits humanity in relation to using experimental medicines on young women of child bearing age, and pregnant women. Within 48 hours following administration of an mRNA injection the lipid nanoparticle (LNP) envelope which encases the mRNA travels to, and concentrates in, the ovaries. This was known at least ten years ago when gene therapies using LNPs were tested on female rats.

Exposure can lead to inflammation of the ovaries with unknown outcomes for fertility. In pregnancy it will often result in death and destruction of the foetus. Dr Thorp outlines the various harms being seen in foetuses exposed to these substances including but not limited to, miscarriage, malformations, growth abnormalities, testing abnormalities and death.

In reviewing the evidence Dr Thorp highlights the issue of fraudulent publication practices in the medical journals as well as major crimes against humanity by those who know and understand the data, yet continue to promote these dangerous substances. He ends with an impassioned plea to “ban the poison in pregnancy: don’t ever take it in pregnancy; don’t ever take it before you get pregnant; don’t ever take it while you’re breastfeeding“.

On 1 July 2022 Dr Thorp was interviewed by Roman Balmakov of Facts Matter at Epoch Times, on Spike in Miscarriages, Fetal Deaths, Uterus Shedding: Fertility Doctor on Vaccine Side Effects in Pregnant Women. He discusses the censorship of experienced physicians from their licencing boards for the crime of holding an informed medical opinion opposing the pharmaceutical industry agenda, which he has written about at Patient Betrayal: The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the Physician-Patient Relationship. He elaborates on the fraud taking place in clinical research and reporting.

He also describes the significant problems he is now seeing in young women exposed to these experimental medicines, before pregnancy with abnormal menstruation and during pregnancy with high rates of miscarriages and foetal losses. The LNPs can cross the placental barrier and also the foetal blood-brain barrier and he reports seeing malformations, foetal growth abnormalities, separation of the placenta, a variety of auto-immune diseases, and a variety of opportunistic infections.

There are close to 2,000 medical peer reviewed publications documenting severe complications and death from the Covid vaccines, which Dr Thorp found whilst writing ‘COVID-19 and the Unraveling of Experimental Medicine’. Since the rollout of these experimental medicines, all-cause mortality across the globe has sky-rocketed to catastrophic levels, as evidenced by insurance industry reports. Infant mortality rates in multiple countries have doubled and tripled.

There is absolutely no question that the vaccine has been the greatest unmitigated disaster in the history of medicine. And in the history of obstetrics it’s even worse.

Dr Thorp argues the obvious point that every medical doctor has a duty to vet and investigate the safety of these experimental medicines, yet most have not. Available data shows that something is very wrong. We call again on our colleagues, with this information coming from Dr Thorp on clear danger to mothers and babies, to reconsider their involvement in New Zealand’s “vaccination” campaign.

Watch: Dr Thorp at Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov

3 thoughts on “COVID-19: The Unraveling of Experimental Medicine and The Golden Rule of Pregnancy

  1. Theres no doubt that people are dying, but the numbers are still (relatively) small.
    The majority still do not notice and won’t UNLESS the dying numbers increase quickly.
    This is all by design.
    It would not be a “workable” scenario if the number dying was larger than the problem itself.

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    1. Genocide has always been thus. It doesn’t come by guns and bombs. It comes by silent poisoning and slow hunger, and always implemented by people claiming to be “keeping you safe”.


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