In The History of Medicine

Nobody will be safe if not everybody is vaccinated“. ~ Klaus Schwab, telling us that in the name of “equity” and “safety” we must ensure 100% of the world is “vaccinated”, that we must “minimise the spread of misinformation” (by reporting on each other if we hear views that don’t align with his), and of course that “clean energy” is the only thing that will save us from “climate change”. Such a great guy!!

A PCR test … looks for a fragment of protein or DNA. It cannot tell that you are infected because it cannot distinguish between living and dead material. It is a useless test but it is being used to massively exaggerate this. Their narrative that everyone is equally vulnerable and Klaus Schwab’s famous quote, noone is safe until everyone is vaccinated, is absurd … They have terrified people into having this injection which is now clearly the most dangerous – there is no other medical treatment that has ever killed and maimed so many people in the history of medicine“. ~ Dr Charles Hoffe, an actual medical doctor, is losing his ability to practice because he doesn’t agree with Not-A-Doctor Schwab under World Economic Forum Young Global Leader But-Not-A-Doctor-Trudeau’s terrorising regime.

The more expert we became, the more we recognised that the science and the policies were quickly divergent. And we were seeing policies proliferate, and vaccine campaigns roll out, where the data didn’t support it. There was no safety and no efficacy. And we saw attacks on the things that we found were working …[Re Pfizer] Within 9 weeks of the end of the trial 1,200 (from 42,000) people died! … It will go down in history as the most toxic medical intervention that ever existed … The world has gone mad through unrelenting propaganda and censorship … ~ Dr Pierre Kory, speaking about his experiences as one of the world’s leading Covid-19 medical experts and the way this put him on the wrong side of a criminal pharmaceutical cartel responsible for a humanitarian catastrophe.

The same is happening to doctors across the world who dare to hold a medical opinion that isn’t in line with the Schwabbian School of Thought. In New Zealand they are innumerable and growing, aligned with many dozens of scientists, nurses and even pharmacists who understand that these substances being injected into arms, including of pregnant women and even of children now, are a danger and are killing and maiming innocent people. Others express support but stay quiet in public out of fear for their livelihoods. This is understandable but becoming more untenable as more injury and death occurs.

One, all of the nurses were double vaccinated and they all became infected … Our public health officials knew … that the vaccine mandates had no scientific basis … Second, all of the nurses were PPE’d. Full mask, full visors, full gowns. It showed us clearly that PPE in a hospital setting doesn’t work … Third, double vaccinated nurses harbour massive amounts of virus in the naso-pharyngeal passage, they all have it in their nostrils … a vaccinated nurse and an unvaccinated nurse, from an earlier outbreak with a different variant, the vaccinated nurse was far more infective … Fourth, we detected 251 times viral load in the nasopharyngeal passage of the vaccinated nurse than the unvaccinated nurse. It showed us that you, as someone in a hospital setting, being cared for by a vaccinated nurse, then – Omicron is even worse – you were at greater risk of becoming infected from a vaccinated nurse than an unvaccinated nurse … The vaccine mandates have no basis and the emergency powers that you use to underpin them must be dropped because there is no sound justification for this anymore …” Dr Paul Alexander, Clinical Epidemiologist, speaking to Canadian politicians about the fraudulent sale of “vaccines” and fraudulent reporting of Covid-19 data.

Bravery is what it takes. Courage is what it takes. To stand in the way of of the globalist elites. Because they’re unscrupulous and they will do whatever they can … This vaccine campaign, it will go down as the biggest scandal in medical history and moreover, it will be known as the BIGGEST. CRIME. EVER. COMMITTED. ON. HUMANITY” ~ MEP Christine Anderson during last week’s press conference calling out chaos at airports and the dangers to passengers and staff on aeroplanes now as the only pilots flying have increased health risks, with some hiding serious symptoms in order to hold onto their jobs.

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