Sadness and Madness

They don’t have a reason for why the brain is acting this way” ~ Ryleigh’s Mum

Dr Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, has explained the mechanism of harms to the blood-brain barrier via inflammatory processes involving the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. She predicts a surge in early-onset neurodegenerative disease (eg Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Creutzfeldt-Jacob-Disease) as a direct result of mass injections with experimental substances either containing spike protein (eg Novavax), or containing genetic material which organises self-generation of spike protein (eg Astra-Zeneca, Janssen, Pfizer, Moderna). There are at least 8 other proteins which could have been used as the target antigen in the “vaccines”, but every manufacturer chose the highly toxic spike.

Spike protein can circulate for up to at least 18 months following injection. This is also a risk in systemic infection, when a respiratory infection breaches barriers and gets into the circulation, allowing it to travel to various parts of the body. The risk of this is higher in those with immune suppression as caused by injection with these substances, explaining the higher rates of severe Covid-attributed disease and death, in populations with higher “vaccination” rates. The similar processes explain why vaccine injury and Long Covid can be difficult to distinguish from each other, and why they are both treated in similar ways (see FLCCC treatment protocols for detail).

Dr Seneff also describes the various nerves which can be affected, and the different neurological damage caused depending on which nerve is involved, as well as other physical harms such as cancers, reactivation of latent infections, clotting disorders and heart disease. She offers explanation for the various adverse events listed by Pfizer and being seen now, in “vaccinated” populations across the world. With each dose of Covid-19 “vaccine” the risks of harm increase.

Pfizer’s own documents take nine pages of unbroken text listing the known risks, which include higher risk of becoming unwell with Covid-19. They attempted to hide the trial documents containing detail of these outcomes for 75 years, via court order. This was ultimately overturned and their trial data is being analysed by thousands of researchers, reported at Daily Clout.

Huge sadness lies ahead. Those of us following the situation are already living it. We are labelled “conspiracy theorists” and so most attempts at offering a warning are dismissed and/or silenced. This is our personal horror but it is nothing compared to that which those dismissing us face as increased rates of illness become more apparent over the next months to years.

For more detail, Dr Senneff’s presentation at the Panda Open Science session in May 2022 was excellent and she has delivered many other interviews and presentations, often refining her findings as the totality of her own, and other research develops.

Medical groups across the globe are attempting to convince government authorities to stop their vaccination campaigns. For example NZDSOS: Open Letter to Chris James, Medsafe Regulator.

With a database of over 160 names and cases, New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) has submitted to the New Zealand Police and now to Medsafe, a list of young people who passed away shortly after their Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine.

Reports from multiple healthcare workers have unveiled a wall of silence within District Health Boards, regarding the lack of reporting and extent of injuries and fatalities in young healthy people from clots, bleeds and sudden death, all of who have no other risk factors.


In fact, NZDSOS have written multiple letters which are ignored and dismissed. They can all be found on their website here. Why is it so difficult to have a discussion about this? Why are authorities ignoring the pleas of sensible and informed practitioners and researchers? Why are authorities ignoring medically injured citizens and leaving them to suffer invisibly without adequate support? Why do health services, receiving money to promote and administer ongoing injections of harmful substances, continue to deny injured patients the right to be heard and appropriately treated?

Having observed the hidden and ignored suffering of the world’s poorest first-hand, including the harm that is caused when services are incentivised to follow specific processes which benefit the service provider whilst disadvantaging and even harming those in need, I am highly suspicious about what is taking place. Are poverty and totalitarian control the ultimate intent of those doing this to the world? All evidence appears to suggest so. Until enough rise up and refuse to comply with nefarious “rulz”, then the trajectory continues.

From FreeNZ on 16 July 2022:

Following our first interview with Tokelau resident Mahelino just over a week ago:

  • a big rock was thrown at his house,
  • somebody attempted to set a fire against the wall of his home in the early hours,
  • and the local leaders, who have openly supported the oppressive rule of Ross Ardern in Tokelau, have now cut off Mahelino from being able to get phone & internet credit so that the family have minimal communication with the growing number of Kiwis who are deeply concerned for their wellbeing.

Please watch and share this with everybody you know, we must support our fellow kiwis in Tokelau.

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