How the Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System

By The Exposé, 16 July 2022:

The testimony here from Dr Paul Marik (critical care specialist and pulmonologist) was great, but the ensuing debate with Dr Wolfgang Wodarg (epidemiologist and pulmonologist) and the two lawyers, was absolutely riveting. The agenda of WHO / WEF et al is to close down all such intellectual discussion.

4 thoughts on “How the Covid “Vaccines” Cripple the Immune System

  1. Many of my heavily vaxxed friends and family are now on their 2nd bout of covid. A couple of us who are unvaxxed have been frequently exposed and yet we don’t seem to get sick. It’s just an anecdote, but the evidence also seems to support what many of us are observing. This shot if not helping, at best it is just weakening people’s immune system.

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    1. The anecdotes are supported by the data. Heavily “vaccinating” populations has changed the epidemiology of the disease, and of population health in general, negatively. By altering immune health. Now they’re promoting the idea that we have “super bugs” and other diseases are “returning”. When in fact it’s just that immune systems which could fend these things off before, are being destroyed. Pharma have created for themselves, an infinite supply of revenue through this. I keep writing in hope that some might recognise what is going on and stop agreeing to it.

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