The Two Styles of Public Health

Once again Tedros of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front, on his latest “protection” measures. He will ensure we don’t have any “wrongthink”, or if we do, that we don’t “wrongspeak” it.

Those we’re told are “wrongspeaking” are often simply practising established public health, seen as a threat to the power base currently held by Tedros et al but now under serious challenge. We were told at least 20 lies about Covid. Experts are collaborating in so many ways now, to wrest public health back into the right hands. Check out the following:
World Council for Health (International)
Pandemics Data and Analytics (International)
Covid Medical Network (Australia)
New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZ)
HARTGroup (UK)
Canadian Covid Care Alliance (Canada)
Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (USA)
Americas Frontline Doctors (USA)
International Global Covid Summit (International)

From these links you will find many others. Many thousands of people are involved in these collaborations. They share a range of public health expertise and other relevant skills, and many have been leaders in their respective fields who are now volunteering their time and skill. The main thing they all share in common is an understanding that populations are not protected from infectious diseases by totalitarian rule. Government departments and their public servants appear unaware of this simple fact.

Germany’s Angela Merkel (retired last year) was a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in 1992, alongside Bill Gates. Merkel’s successor, Olaf Scholz, is a World Economic Forum contributor. So is this a big coincidence not worth worrying about? Or is the Marxism out of Tedros’ mouth backed by bigger players standing on the sidelines?

New Zealand’s Ashley Bloomfield, on his way out of office, apparently claimed that the unvaccinated in New Zealand are 6 times more likely to die than those with a booster shot. One of the best places to see New Zealand’s Covid-related statistics (was) the RNZ infographics page. Sadly this page is removing certain graphs. This one was screenshot before disappearing. Clearly what Ashley says Covid does, and what Covid actually does, are not the same thing. As politicians across the world continue to make false claims, the statistics continue to show them as lying.

Is it “wrongspeak” if one of their own speaks it?

Dr Paul Alexander offers an in-depth discussion on whether these vaccines are safe and effective, and whether they are protecting anyone. He describes the established ways to protect public health and the team work involved. Is “wrongthink” really just evidence analysis?

Dr Clare Craig talks about the Epidemiology of Covid since vaccine rollout.

Jacinda does agree that masking is a spectator sport.

Ashley was asked to explain why he changed his mind about masking and he replied that the evidence had changed, without providing a hint of what that evidence was. Meanwhile the evidence against masking continues to mount.

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