Actual Doctors Respond to Latest World Health Organisation Corruption

13 July 2022: Mixed Messaging Around Monkeypox

New Zealand has reported its first two cases of Monkey Pox in the past few days, with neither case linked.

Alarmist media have reported this throughout New Zealand, creating fear and confusion. Is it contagious, dangerous or just another rash?

Sceptics may ask if the cases are real or just fictitious imaginings of government or media. If the cases are not fictitious, do the infected people have any symptoms, or is public health just relying on a positive test? A New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science (NZDSOS) spokesperson has recommended people be alert to the way the public is being manipulated by propaganda.

“These include conditions creating uncertainty, isolation, emotional manipulation with repetition thrown in for good measure,” said the spokesperson.

Articles in the media include statements designed to be reassuring such as – ‘reassured the public’, ‘safely manageable disease’, ‘no need for the public to panic’, ‘very few deaths from monkeypox globally’, ‘many infected people get better without treatment’, ‘self-limiting disease’.

However, they then go on to sow seeds of doubt, stating ‘Monkey Pox can be fatal for up to one in 10 people’, ‘more severe in children’, ‘World Health Organisation considering whether the outbreak should be called a public health emergency’, ‘large, visible lesions, blister-like sores’.

We’re left wondering if it is mild and no cause for alarm or serious and dangerous? “Government psychologists are working overtime again, we are witnessing more free- floating anxiety and no hard truths to anchor to,” said the spokesperson.

NZDSOS is aware a number of people suffering from blistering rashes following Covid-19 vaccination. Shingles is one example of this (usually localised to a particular part of one side of the body), but there are other rashes, likely auto-immune phenomena, occurring as well.

“It is important to remember the more people that rush off to be tested, the more ‘cases’ there will be. Be curious and wonder, how reliable will a test be? Bearing in mind, PCR testing can pick up almost anything if enough cycles are done,” said the spokesperson.

The PCR inventor, Dr Kary Mullis, stated his test was virtually useless for standalone diagnosis. “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick”.

“A test on its own is meaningless and prior to Covid, doctors knew that,” said the spokesperson.

Currently, the New Zealand Ministry of Health is already exploring options for access to smallpox vaccines for targeted prevention in certain situations and advising some second and third generation live-virus smallpox vaccines can provide protection against the virus.

“There is deliberate confusion as to what to think. A person can not make sensible decisions when they are paralysed by fear, uncertainty or doubt,” said the NZDSOS spokesperson.

Last year a Monkey Pox war game took place. It is interesting to note the first ‘actual’ case was reported this May, within two days of the start of the scenario outbreak.

On July 22, 2022, World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus overruled the majority vote of the WHO expert committee and declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).

In June, the committee recommended against declaring a PHEIC but met again this week at the request of the Director-General. At the end of the 7-hour meeting, nine committee members remained against declaring a PHEIC while six were reportedly in favor.

The overruling of the WHO’s own review panel by the Director-General goes against the WHO’s own decision-making policy and is totally unacceptable, highlighting that the WHO definition of a PHEIC is arbitrary as is its decision-making process.

Currently, it is not clear whether this skin disorder is indeed a monkeypox infection. Lesions shown in the media resemble shingles, herpes simplex virus, and other skin lesions. It is also not clear whether it is occurring in association with the Covid-19 genetic injections, as skin lesions are common with the latter. Independent scientists need access to the full data set on which Tedros and the WHO are basing their declaration of a monkeypox health emergency.

WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus is an unelected official of an unelected organisation—he does not represent nations nor does he represent people.

Additionally, the World Council for Health notes the serious conflicts of interest within the WHO in relation to its Covid-19 pandemic strategies and advises people to take responsibility for their health and to take no further injections proposed by the WHO at this time.

The full statement at World Council for Health includes information on Monkeypox disease.

On July 23, 2022, The World Health Organization declared monkeypox a global emergency of international health concern.[1] Back in May 2022, we brought you AFLDS’ position on the monkeypox story. As suspected, the corrupt global leaders, working side-by-side with The World Health Organization (WHO) aren’t missing a beat in their quest for a perpetual worldwide pandemic. Regarding the decision to declare the “global emergency,” mainstream media reported: 

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made the decision despite a lack of consensus among experts on the U.N. health agency’s emergency committee, saying he acted as “a tiebreaker.” It was the first time a U.N. health agency chief has unilaterally made such a decision without an expert recommendation.[1]

This is proof of what we have stated before. Global leaders have been preparing for the next pandemic and the one after that. If everything goes according to plan, Covid Theater will now morph into Monkeypox Theater. Marburgvirus Theater is currently being developed in the background. You’ll most likely also be hearing about Ebola, a disease that presents similarly to Marburg. We expect to report more specifically on Marburgvirus appearance and preparations soon. In the meantime, remember, We The People are awake, and we see them working in the dark shadows. 

An important piece of the puzzle is H.R. 4350 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. If you download H.R. 4350 and word search “public health” you will be alarmed. H.R. 4350 is 3268 pages. Buried in those pages is a nefarious plan to use public health as a means of using the military to form a dictatorship over every agency in the executive branch of the government with no congressional oversight. [2] 

Another piece of the complicated puzzle is the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Public Health Emergency Declaration[3].  Corrupt leaders of this country are hungry to be able to operate under the powers of the Public Health Emergency Declaration continuously. If you read the declaration, you may be quite shocked at the sheer number of protections that are waived (without our consent) under the guise of a public health emergency. 

What Is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a variant of the smallpox virus and is not new. The first recorded case of monkeypox was in 1970, we have been living with this virus in existence for decades. This virus was not a threat to us then, and it is not a threat to us now. 

As of right now, the virus is only spread through direct contact with an infected person’s respiratory secretions or other bodily fluids. This is not an airborne virus and it is rarely ever fatal. The CDC currently claims that asymptomatic people cannot spread the virus.[4] As of right now, it appears most people who have reported getting monkeypox have gotten it from someone they had sexual contact with. The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family is to avoid sexual contact with strangers or people who could be affected and turn off the propaganda on your television. 

As we have seen with the Covid pandemic, the information listed on the CDC website is subject to constant change to fit the narrative. We, as always, will monitor the situation on all fronts moving forward. We are here to assure the American people that monkeypox is nothing to worry about. You don’t need a vaccine to protect you. We must stand strong against this and any other disease the WHO attempts to label as a threat. We know the true threat and it is not a disease or pandemic. 

Unite and Stand Strong.

In the past two and a half years, we have seen the tyranny that will ensue if we submit to this declared emergency and the next one after that. We should be very concerned, but not about any viruses. These declarations of emergency always precede the next wave of tyranny. This is your reminder, regardless of which virus they push, regardless of the propaganda they spread, WE MUST NOT fear, WE MUST NOT lock down, and WE MUST NOT be bullied into inoculation. 

Our medical freedom colleagues at Truth for Health Foundation ( have already prepared and just updated helpful Fact Sheets and Treatment Guides on both monkeypox[5] and marburgvirus/ebola (hemorrhagic fever viruses)[6].  Organizations like AFLDS and Truth for Health Foundation are in the same war against evil tyrants and we appreciate the opportunity to share these materials with our constituents. 

In closing, we will bring you comments of the dearly departed Dr. Vladmir Zelenko on July 21, 2022, shortly before he passed away: 

There are emerging biological terror threats. The key is not to panic but to have a rational strategy on how to deal with it. 

1. Don’t trust anything WHO, AMA, CDC, FDA, NIH say. I suggest doing the exact opposite. They have consistently proven themselves to be the enemies of the people. 

2. Understand that all Covid-19 strains, Flu, RSV, Marburg, and Ebola are single-stranded RNA viruses that use similar pathways for replication. They use RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RDRP) to make copies of their genome. 

3. Zinc inhibits RDRP. HCQ, IVM, Quercetin, and EGCG are Zinc Ionophores that help Zinc enter cells. 

Above all, resist fear.

America’s Frontline Doctors

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