The Truth Project

Only prior infection without vaccination is creating long lasting immunity.

According to medical staff, our health service is overwhelmed and in danger of collapse. The government would be quite happy if the public concluded this is all due to Covid.

As we reported ten days ago, admissions because of Covid form a small fraction of the hospital workload. The health crisis is not the result of Covid, but it could well be the result of mRNA vaccination.

Read the full article How the NZ Government Misleads Us Through Payments to MSM and Others.

Dr Matt Shelton’s interview with Pat Brennan on The Platform has already attracted 146,000 views on their website. Are people searching for truth from beyond a single source? Dr Shelton has risked everything including his right to practice as a doctor, in order to warn New Zealanders that something is not right. We are told it’s because he’s all manner of terrible. Anyone listening can see that is not reality. Health care workers are coming forward to offer information at the NZDSOS Truth Project. Below is the most recent example published, there are many more.

Emergency Department Doctor: Since the vaccine rollout a number of thinngs are clear to me.  1. Younger adults are dying much more commonly. It is not covid. Many never make it to hospital for resus.  2. There are many more chest pains and strokes. I have had up to 8 in a single shift. This is extraordinary. But then it can go “quiet” again ie back to normal.  3. There is an extraordinary collective pressure amongst other doctors to not mention the vaccine as a possible differential ( ie possible cause of symptoms) when patients are treated. People that do are shamed. Many CARM reports are not being done that should be.  I just don’t know what the future holds, including mine. I took the jab but won’t have any more, possibly losing the career I have worked so hard for.

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