Responding to Repugnant Propaganda

The information provided in this document is derived from multiple sources including NSW health insiders, the NSW legal community and the public. These sources will not be revealed. Readers should consider this article on its face value and those motivated enough to challenge it should make representation to NSW health via a GIPA (freedom of information) request. Should any information in this article be proven to be incorrect updates will be posted here (this is unlikely). The information in this document should be considered a disclosure under the Public Interest Disclosure Act in Australia and encompasses any individual that has supplied the relevant information.

Adriana Takara’s Death Deserves The Truth

Did the NSW Chief Health Officer lie to the media to hide the terrible truth about Adriana’s shocking death?

6 August 2022, Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Reported by mainstream media and politically appointed health officials to have died after contracting Covid, Dr Syed has received multiple sources of information clarifying the circumstances of this healthy 38yo woman’s death in July 2021.

Fearful after contact with a Covid-19 infected housemate, Adriana sought to get “vaccinated”. Post-inoculation and with recent Covid exposure, she died following a cardiac arrest after developing myocarditis and in a terrible condition from disseminated thrombosis (multiple blood clots).

Health officials and media jumped on the opportunity, at a time when Australia’s vaccine campaign had stalled, to promote Adriana’s death as being from Covid. The fear this drummed up resulted in a jump start to the vaccine campaign.

Prior to Adriana’s death no healthy Australian under the age of 40 had died with Covid as a diagnosis. Since her death, 38 people under the age of 40 have died following a Covid vaccination.

Dr Syed elaborates on details of the story in his article and vows to make sure that questions are answered. He is an anonymous blogger, clearly well qualified with contacts on the ground willing to blow the whistle on what is taking place within the health system.

Meanwhile governments everywhere continue to forcefully silence those who dare dissent from the official narrative, that Covid is dangerous to everyone and the only option is to take multiple inoculations, sold as “safe and effective” and mandated on entire populations whose governments are acting nefariously.

Whilst those working in public health roles are dealing with thousands of injuries and recording many deaths post-inoculation, media shock jocks make claims like “it’s not happening”. IT IS HAPPENING.

Most recently a GP in Nelson NZ was the target of a hit piece written by a travel blogger contracted to a government funded outlet. The piece is full of medical errors and mis-characterisations. New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science have offered a press release in rebuttal, which of course will not be published by the mainstream, meaning the general public, still trusting the “news” being supplied to them, continue to believe the “single source of truth” on offer.

Nevertheless, as more people awaken to the fact that something is not right, they seek alternative sources of news. There are many, all working in a high risk environment against a tide of propaganda, character assassination and aggressive censorship.

The widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public … “. US Supreme Justice Hugo Black, 1945.

The only way to correct “misinformation” is to provide further information, not to silence the ‘wrong’ view. Throughout history ‘wrong’ views have turned out, sometimes centuries later, to be ‘right’. So why are our governments using our tax money to employ people in departments whose role is to aggressively silence views which veer from the government narrative? Is that not how every totalitarian regime in history came about?

Chantelle Baker responded in this wonderful interview (shared below), showing who she really is, to a propaganda piece by the taxpayer-funded NZ state media, ‘Fire and Fury’ which aired on television, offering biased coverage of events during the Wellington protests in February 2022. The Platform are one example of independent media growing out of the need for a diverse range of views over the “single source of truth” tyranny trying to force itself on democratic nations. Another rebuttal to the same documentary by NZDSOS is available at this link. The three beautiful mothers who founded Voices for Freedom responded to the hit piece with intelligence and grace.

Citizen journalist Chantelle Baker responds to the NZ state funded “documentary” Fire and Fury, in which she is character assassinated, in this strong and intelligent 20 minute exchange which challenges what New Zealanders are being told to believe. She defends herself well and points out the hypocrisy being given mainstream support. “Kate Hannah (of the government funded Disinformation Project) said things like “far right extremist views, like the nuclear family”. I don’t think many people think that a family is a far right view? … It does seem like Stuff News does condone violence when it’s relative to their narrative. They used a contributor by the name of Rangi Kamara, who was one of the four convicted of having firearms. He was convicted … of trying to have a militia … They did have violent intent towards members of the public at parliament … So Stuff have used him as a contributor. So they do condone violence but only when it perpetuates their narrative“.

She is talking to lawyers about what options may be taken in response to the defamation, but has limited resources. Stuff appear to have broken multiple media council guidelines.

She offers to sit with Paula Penfold, and have a proper discussion. “It has been such a degradation of society in New Zealand where we can no longer have constructive conversations with people that we disagree with. People throw out horrible terms like “anti vaxxers” to doctors who just disagree with this one potential medication with unknown long term side effects. These types of words tear society apart and dehumanise people … Anti vaxx is thrown at anyone that disagrees with mandates, even if they’re fully vaccinated, if they’ve got vaccinated and had a horrible injury, if they’re medical doctors, if they’re scientists. It’s a slanderous word that has been used nationwide and now you can’t even have conversations with people because they just use a slur term … just because they have different views to you, doesn’t give you a justification to slur them …“.

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