Pandemic Two: The Great Monkeypox Awakening?

We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic.

Joe Biden, Whitehouse Press Briefing, 21 June 2022

Whoever could have imagined that within a mere 32 days of President Biden’s prediction, monkeypox would be declared the next Public Health Emergency of International Concern, aka P.H.E.I.C. (“fake”), by the World Health Organisation? Those who visited the Nation of Brinia in March 2021 perhaps had a vague idea? (See pages 8 to 10 for enlightenment).

Following New Normal “logic”, the Australian Federal Health Minister confirmed that 450,000 doses of the “highly contested” (really?!) monkeypox vaccine had been secured at a time when Australia’s PHEIC monkeypox numbers were at 58. New Zealand have not yet secured any vaccines as our fourth PHEIC monkeypox case isolates in a south west corner of the South Island trying not to contaminate the rest of the country. But don’t worry, our government are under pressure to act urgently!

What is Monkeypox?

There are many hundreds of virus species, classified into “family trees”. Despite the similar name and lesions, chickenpox belongs to the herpesvirus family, a completely different branch on the tree from orthopoxviruses, to which monkeypox belongs. Abbreviated as MPX, purple in this diagram of the orthopoxvirus tree from a 2017 article, there are four main clades (which are then broken down into strains) of known monkeypox.

The other abbreviations at this particular zoo are CPXV (cowpox), VARV (variola aka smallpox), CMLV (camelpox), ECTV (ectromelia), and VACV (vaccinia, which is the virus used in production of smallpox vaccine). Then the newer orders of volepox, skunkpox and racoonpox.

This tiny glimpse of the veritable jungle that is viral genetic mapping shows how complicated virology is, and how easily errors can occur in PCR testing. More on the virus, risk factors, disease, symptoms, control measures, treatments and background to the pandemic is available at our article What is Monkeypox and Is It Dangerous? Discover the Answers in Post 1 of 3 on Monkeypox.

Monkeypox and Covid-19 Inoculations?

Professor Shmuel Shapira, Director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research between 2013 and 2021, has connected monkeypox with Covid-19 inoculations. Claiming to have had three Pfizer doses and now suffering a significant post-injection injury himself, Professor Shapira is speaking out against both the ineffectiveness of, and the harms being caused by, these products. On 2 August 2022 he tweeted the following:

Clinical differential diagnosis for monkeypox includes other rash illnesses, such as chickenpox, measles, bacterial skin infections, scabies, syphilis, and medication-associated allergies. Confusion between herpes zoster and monkeypox lesions has been noted, and there is a potential for other confusions, such as porphyria, pictured to the right below. This is especially problematic now that testing for molecular amplification of a single virus has become the standard “diagnostic” tool for all PHEICs.

Recently Dr Jessica Rose wrote about porphyria at her article Is the spike protein acting as a prion with regard to hemoglobin molecules? And is porphyria being induced? Dr Rose’s qualifications include:

  • BSc in Applied Mathematics
  • Masters in Medicine (Immunology)
  • PhD in Computational Biology
  • Post-Doc in Molecular Biology
  • Post-Doc in Biochemistry.

She seems qualified to offer scientific hypotheses without being labelled a “conspiracy theorist”. Porphyria cutanea tarda symptoms include blistering rashes to the skin, resulting from damage to the metabolism of red blood cells. Dr Rose concludes that amongst the many conditions that circulating spike protein can cause, the rare disease of porphyria is one, and occurring at an enormous rate as an adverse event following inoculation with Covid-19 injectables.

In summary:

  • seeds of monkeypox are planted in the collective conscious;
  • unusual skin lesions are appearing in the immune suppressed;
  • a singular monkeypox PCR test is available;
  • medical services are to follow centralised instructions for diagnosis and treatment (sponsored by Pfizer).

What could possibly go wrong? All we need now is a few incentives to promote compliance with testing and pharmaceutical solutions, and PHEIC 2 can swing into action.

Connections between Covid-19 inoculations, the immune suppression they are causing and various diseases including monkeypox are discussed in detail by The Exposé in two separate articles:

Another Gain of Function Virus?

Somebody who wants to cause damage could engineer a virus

Author of ‘The Next Pandemic’ and Bioterror / Public Health Visionary, Bill Gates

New Zealand’s state funded media continue to push the idea that gain of function research has nothing to do with the PHEIC crises we are living through. These are natural viruses and mad scientists led by psychotic philanthropists had absolutely nothing to do with it! This publicised denial is in keeping with similar denouncements coming from overseas such as Dr Peter Hotez of Baylor College who by pure coincidence receives multi-million dollar research grants from public money via the equally innocent Dr Anthony Fauci. Learn more from Vaccine Industry Insider Peter Hotez Helped Fund Wuhan Gain-of-Function Study, written by an independent investigative journalist who is not enriching herself from the public purse string.

Meanwhile, no doubt also either untrue or perfectly innocent, Wuhan Laboratory Found to Have Conducted Novel Monkeypox Research One Year Before Global Outbreak. We live in a world of coincidence!

World Health Organisation claims that PHEIC monkeypox is “behaving unusually”. Normally a mild and self-limiting illness, this claim helps to justify the need for a “coordinated response“. Led, of course, by World Health Organisation. Biowarfare expert Dr Francis Boyle links monkeypox as a gain of function released virus with WHO’s ongoing attempts to impose centralised control via their Pandemic Treaty plans. Biowarfare expert Dr Meryl Nass provides evidence that a monkeypox-specific vaccine was being planned for as early as 2019.

So, is the current PHEIC monkeypox a result of:

  • gain of function research;
  • illness due to medically acquired immune suppression;
  • misdiagnosis through faulty testing;
  • a combination of possible scenarios?

These questions and others require independent expert interrogation which is ongoing. Regardless of its genesis, PHEIC monkeypox is clearly yet another useful tool in the successful-to-date biopharmaceutical business model being imposed on the world at the public’s expense.

Declarations by the WHO will trigger contracts the WHO has initiated between governments and manufacturers, and then billions of dollars will have to be spent to buy these vaccines …

Dr Meryl Nass at World Council For Health Weekly Assembly, 1 August 2022

Monkeypox Vaccine

The New Zealand government are securing a live smallpox/monkeypox vaccine marketed by Bavarian Nordic which has been licenced under the name Imvanex since 2013 but is also known as Jynneos or Imvamune. This vaccine uses a weakened form of vaccinia virus to mount an immune response.

Dr Rose gives a good outline of the vaccine and her concerns in her May 2022 article Bend over and take your new injection. Prior to the widespread immune suppression now being seen across Covid-19 inoculated populations, about 1 person per million injected with vaccinia experienced a fatal outcome. Known potential risks include cardiac damage such as myopericarditis, cardiomyopathy, heart attack and raised troponin levels, as well as a range of non-cardiac risks outlined in Dr Rose’s article. Given the known and unknown harms from the Covid-19 injectables, this raises an immediate red flag.

New Zealand is already facing horrific health outcomes caused by harmful and ineffective pharmaceutical products sold by propaganda and forced by mandates. Does anyone really need or want a pharmaceutical product with more potential for adverse events including cardiac harm, in an attempt to avoid a mild influenza-like-illness that comes with an unpleasant transient skin rash?


Our June 2022 Position Statement on Monkeypox remains current and valid. See our other articles about Monkeypox for further information.

We hope that the Monkeypox narrative will awaken many to the absurdities being sold to us as “public health”. We strongly recommend that New Zealanders, including those receiving incentives to promote and administer new products, take extreme caution against possibly regrettable decisions.

From NZDSOS, Pandemic Two: The Great Monkeypox Awakening?

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