Duplicity, Deceit and Dangerous Delusions

Journalist Paula Penfold has been invited to have an open, civil and public discussion with people she targeted in her most recent documentary “Fire and Fury”. So far she remains silent on the offer. A mere five years ago she presented this documentary on a mainstream current affair show in New Zealand. She was once able to investigate and question the safety of vaccines without being accused of “disinformation” or prospective terrorism.

So what has changed?

Kiwi Voice did a great review of Fire and Fury, titled Water and Peace.

Deceipt, Duplicity and Dangerous Delusions as “Anti-Vaccination Groups” Are Targeted
NZDSOS, 18 August 2022

On the week of 25 July 2022 a series of anonymous bomb threats were made to a number of New Zealand schools. This occurred coincidentally around the time that some had been practicing lockdown procedures.

We have been warned that terror attacks are next on the agenda, and that we should look to blame anti-vaccination groups if and when it happens. This particular agenda has been brewing since at least September 2021 and November 2021.

So it isn’t much of a surprise to hear security expert Dr Paul Buchanan claiming that “the NZ intelligence community had issued repeat warnings that the most likely origin of an act of violent extremism will come from the anti-vax movement“.

Oh really?

“Anti-vaccination” is a slur aimed at NZDSOS because we argue for human rights, ethical research and medical practice over power and profit. As such we feel a need to respond to this nonsense as we watch seeds of fear planted in the public consciousness in an all-too-familiar pattern. We are not the only ones who wonder what the real agenda for these claims is, for example Resistance Kiwi published on 3 July 2022, Is the government’s “terrorist group” designation merely a cloaked threat to anti-mandate protestors?

By staging an attack and blaming their opponents, governments can dupe their population into going along with whatever policies they wish to enact, in the name of fighting the enemy“.

James Corbett, Investigative Journalist

Watch: Are Anti-Vaccination / Anti-Mask Groups To Blame?
If There’s a Terror Attack in New Zealand, Remember This Video

The duplicity of Paul Buchanan is shown in this video by New Zealand video producer Coronavirus Plushie, published yesterday.

Meanwhile in Australia: Drips Being Fed to the Public

Yesterday I spoke to the brother of someone who died aged 48 with no underlying risk factors, from a heart attack after a booster mRNA injection. As the conversation came to a close I stated how sorry I was for their loss. They said that it had been a terrible time, and shortly after the brother’s death a good friend suffering from cancer had dropped dead also. This friend had decided not to take the injection, but was then diagnosed with cancer and doctors strongly recommended the “vaccine”. Shortly after dose two, still being treated for the cancer, they died suddenly. An autopsy found multiple blood clots as cause of death. The person telling me this said “I don’t have any medical background but I don’t think cancer causes multiple blood clots and sudden death”.

The NZDSOS Truth Project continues to receive submissions. Two of the most recent as examples here:

Defiant Dentist: The jab injuries walk through our door every day. It goes on and on, and it is heartbreaking. The following happened last Tuesday, in one single day…In the morning, I saw the grandmother of the nine year old boy who got pericarditis after the jab, taken only to be able to participate in school sports. His crushing symptoms continue after many months. He has received no medical help, with no consideration given to possible permanent damage. My receptionist reported that two of my patients had cancelled due to pancreatic cancer. One of them is already dead. He seemed fine when I saw him in June. Diagnosis to death seems increasingly rapid these days, with these new “turbo” cancers. I saw a man who is suffering from acute joint pain throughout his body since the booster. It only went when he caught covid, with these safe and effective jabs, but has since returned. It was the same for my wife and me, with our chest pain from pericarditis. Covid felt heavenly! We experienced no pain for the first time since November. But when we got over covid it returned with a vengeance. I had a 26-year-old man with blood clots on his lungs, his sister now with a racing heartbeat. They had not made a connection to the jab. They have now. My nurse’s mother, formerly a devout covidian, now has the autoimmune Graves’ disease and she is angry. She declares that she never realized she was signing her own death certificate. An old lady in her 80s is now suffering cardiac issues.  This was all in one day. A single heartbreaking day. How can we retain any trust or confidence in a medical profession and system that allows this to happen, that silently acquiesces to what feels like genocide? They know what is happening, and fear is no excuse. Amazingly, people clearly wouldn’t recognize tyranny if it covered their faces, locked them in their homes, divided communities and families, made them show papers and force medicated them with an experimental poison. The day of reckoning draws near. It has to. Silence is no longer an option, the direction we are headed is terrifying. Its time for people to take off their masks and smell the bullshit.

NZDSOS comment: This heartbroken man’s mother lived through a genocide. Many of her peers died so that no-one else would have to. “Lest we forget” bears repeating. 

Insurance Agent: Never in my 12-years of being an life insurance adviser have I seen this volume of serious illness and income protection claims. Since the Covid-19 vaccination program and manipulation started, we have had countless claims relating to heart attacks, strokes, breast cancer, bowel cancer, inflammation of the heart, chronic fatigue, and facial droop. Many of the medical events (with the exception of the cancers which seem to be appearing now), have happened shortly after my clients were vaccinated. I’ve estimated our trauma and income protection claims are up 300% from the previous years with the average age of the claimant being mid 40’s. How are heart attacks and strokes in healthy non-smoking 40 year old males being normalised? Why are we receiving a breast cancer claim a week for women in their 40’s. Most of the claimants are being gaslit by their doctors and not receiving the treatment they desperately need. My understanding was doctors sign an oath to say they’ll do no harm first. Why was that ignored and why do so many still turn a blind eye? It was obvious this mRNA technology was never properly tested and truly confirmed as safe and effective. If it was why would it’s manufacturer attempt to suppress its safety data for 75 years? Personally, I no longer have any faith in our government or medical system. I’m happy to provide more information as required.

NZDSOS comment: This is the second such comment from an insurance insider; massive companies overeas are reporting major increases in death claims in working-age vaccinated people.

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