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On August 20, a compelling line-up of international speakers will travel to Nuremberg to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of The Nuremberg Code. Now of all times, in its jubilee year, this achievement of mankind is facing the greatest hardship since it was written. WATCH the historical event LIVE at 7am EST | 1pm CET | 4am PST (11pm in New Zealand, 9pm CST Australia), or catch the replay.

Speakers include CHD President Mary Holland, CHD Africa Executive Director Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Martin Michealis, Steffi Bresnik, Rolf Kron + more.

For more information visit the 75th Anniversary website.

From Childrens Health Defense. In the lead-up to this event, Facebook and Instagram removed the accounts of CHD, with hundreds of thousands of followers abruptly lost. A modern day book burning.

Three Nazi concentration camp survivors wrote this letter to the International Criminal Court in November 2021.

I cannot say how many people I’ve listened to who said they or their loved one believed government spokespeople and advertising that claimed such things as the spike protein would stay in their arm, would not cause serious harm and was destroyed quickly. Who then ended up with debilitating, long term and sometimes lethal injury including neurological, cardiac, blood clotting and auto-immune.

All whilst government paid propaganda worked (and continues to work) towards silencing anyone daring to question their claims or suggest otherwise with credible evidence. This now includes accounts from whistleblowers stating that governments have used resources to groom ministers and parliamentary staff in methods to ensure information is kept hidden from public scrutiny.

Maajid Nawaz has explored the issue of what happened to nursing home residents in the UK in his new video podcast Radical, at Episode 17: On Midazolam and End of Life Care Pathways. English lawyer Clare Wills spoke extensively about what she was seeing early in 2020 and was dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”. Evidence suggests the need for criminal investigations against policy makers.

The Time of Covid is a review authored by Dr Phillip Altman PhD, Pharmacist and Clinical Trial and Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Consultant. The full report is provided below.


The introduction and worldwide use of COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccines’ has been associated, in the short term, with far more deaths, illnesses, injuries, and disabilities than any other therapeutic agent in the history of medicine. Due to the total lack of any long-term safety data, the potential future iatrogenic effects (including neurological, immunological and carcinogenic effects) may be even more devastating.

Despite initial claims, the COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccines’ have now been shown to possess disappointing clinical efficacy – they neither prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection nor do they prevent transmission of the virus; any immunological protection wanes rapidly and, coincident with the emergence of the Omicron variant, evidence of negative vaccine efficacy is being reported in many countries including Australia.

In light of widely reported emerging and compelling evidence, there appears to be little scientific or clinical justification to support vaccine mandates as a health policy.

The latest hospital admission statistics do not support the claim that unvaccinated individuals are more at risk of serious COVID-19 disease, hospitalisation or death. Excess non-COVID-19 related deaths coincident with the introduction of the gene based ‘vaccines’ are now being reported by many countries, and suggest a surge in heart attack and stroke among both the young, adolescents and middle age individuals (especially males).

Advocating the worldwide use of a new class of serious COVID-19 gene-based ‘vaccines’ never before deployed, and advocated for use in healthy individuals of all ages regardless of clinical status (eg. natural immunity, pregnancy etc), with relatively little short-term safety data and no long-term safety data, is neither prudent or necessary and defies the Precautionary Principle.

The knowledge that the synthetic mRNA in both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines can enter the nucleus of human liver cells in culture, raises the serious questions about genotoxicity and carcinogenicity, and adverse impact on future generations. Disturbing safety signals regarding fertility and miscarriages are emerging.

Given the statistically or virtually nil risk of serious COVID-19 in general affecting children aged 6 months to 11 or 12 years of age and the clear and significant risk of serious adverse effects including myocarditis, pericarditis and death in this age group – there seems to be little benefit to be gained by vaccinating these children.

Considerable scientific, clinical and statistical epidemiological data and understanding has been acquired since the introduction (on a provisional basis only) of the investigational COVID-19 gene-based “vaccines”. Many of the initial ambitious claims and assumed perceptions regarding the safety and efficacy of these serious therapeutics have now been invalidated and it is now time to review and reconsider the utility of these products in light of the known unprecedented level of serious adverse reactions and death attributed to their use.

The urgency for this review cannot be overestimated given the current and potential future impact on the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Phillip M. Altman

Finally the latest from Dr Naomi Wolf whose team continues to analyse the released Pfizer documents. The granddaughter of Nazi survivors who has studied and written about 1930s Germany, she is well placed to comment. “We’re seeing a lot of basically Nazi practices resurfacing. One of them is around propaganda. Hitler said that if you just keep repeating a lie, make a lie big enough and tell it often enough, people will believe it … [on Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer] … we need to drop the expectation that these are decent people in a western context. They’re not“.

The repeated script below is being sold to us as “public health”. In fact it is “pharmaceutical <health>”. The two models are diametrically opposed. One focuses on the person, their rights, their relationship with those employed to care for them, and offering the best available recommendations which must always be both safe and effective. The other focuses entirely on maximising profit and power through propaganda. Public health has been hijacked by a politically motivated criminal mafia who are harming millions of individuals and the whole of society. History knows this story well.

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